Usually, when one hears screams for help from their neighbor’s yard, they don’t expect it to be coming from the burglar. This may be the case for most people, but not for one Visalia, California couple. After moving into the area, they started to fear for their possessions. To protect their stuff, as well as themselves, they took matters into their own hands. They used a bicycle as bait to lure in potential thieves, and then beat them up. Yes, this actually happened.

It’s a trap!

In January 2020, the Visalia police made an arrest they hoped could answer. A series of beatings had happened in the Visalia area. Corey Cornutt, 25, and Savannah Grillot, 29, had just moved into the 200 block of East Dove Avenue. They say they felt concerned for their safety and the security of their stuff. Being new to the area, their concern was warranted in their opinion because their car was broken into on the first night and then again a couple of weeks later.

They decided to become vigilantes for their own security needs. Instead of waiting around for the police to arrive, which would be too late, they came up with a plan together. They left a bicycle in their front yard. The only thing was, it had no lock and chain. It was completely at risk of being taken by anyone who might walk past and think that no one was looking.

The only thing is that Corey and Savannah were watching. They would wait to see if anyone went up to try to steal the bike. Then they would jump out and beat them up with a baseball bat. The couple not only assaulted the failed thieves, but they took videos while they were at it. They later posted these clips on YouTube.

They were arrested

The police arrested the couple after they continued these beating for a few months. There are four victims of this vigilante couple, but their neighbors reported them countless times. This suggests there are far more victims.

In a statement from the Visalia police, they described how the bicycle was set up as a trap to lure in possible thieves. And, enticing them with an unmanned bike. “In the videos, it appears as if the suspects planted a bicycle in the front yard of their residence, unsecured, and waited for someone to try and steal the bicycle. Once someone tried to steal the bike, the suspects would rush from the house and assault the individual with a baseball bat.”

Corey and Savannah were arrested, but their victims were not. Even though they were in the yard to steal the bicycle. Nothing was taken, and no reports of burglary were made by the couple. Corey and Savannah were charged with assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.


More and more people are starting to take matters into their hands. The police forces around the world are struggling to keep up with the many cases that seem to be drowning our societies. Meeting violence with violence may not be the answer to everyone’s problems. However, Corey and Savannah conspired to beat up people whom they lured into their garden to steal a bike they purposefully left there.


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