A missing 13-year-old girl from Dallas has been rescued from a locked shed nearly 1,000 miles away from where she disappeared in Lexington, North Carolina.

The girl was found on property belonging to Jorge Camacho, 34, who has been arrested and charged with multiple offenses including rape, child abduction and human trafficking.

Camacho was arrested after police discovered he had used a social media messenger to groom and lure the abducted girl from her home.

Authorities were able to identify Camacho and the vehicle linked to the abduction through local surveillance within ten minutes of receiving an FBI tip-off on Friday.

Davidson County Sheriff Richie Simmons said: ‘I thank god that we were able to find this young girl; it may not be that case forever.’

Davidson County Police followed the lead to Camacho’s house, where they found the girl, anonymous, locked in a garden shed.

While authorities are still piecing together the timeline of the story, Camacho was promptly arrested and charged.

He is being held on a $1.25mn bond.

Sheriff Simmons said the conversations between Camacho and the girl were ‘consistent with grooming and enticement.’

Camacho is understood to have encouraged the girl to leave her home and picked her up.

In a statement on Facebook, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office said collaborating investigators were able to trace Camacho’s vehicle back to Davidson County.

With help from FBI agents, they were able to stop the car as Camacho left the registered address on Linwood Southmont Road, NC.

The suspect was taken into custody as investigators surrounded the shed, where they found the child apparently unharmed.

She was moved to a local hospital for medical evaluation and taken back to Texas.

Jorge Ivan Santos Camacho was charged with abduction of a child, felonious restraint, human trafficking, two counts of statutory rape of child, two counts of statutory sex offence with child, and indecent liberties.

He was scheduled for his first appearance in court yesterday.

The Sheriff’s Office reported that additional charges are pending amid an ongoing investigation.

The FBI received 365,348 reports of missing children in 2020.

According to background check company Screen & Reveal, 70% of children in the US would accept a friend request regardless of who sent it.

As many as 82% of child sex crimes in the US have started on social media.

Sheriff Simmons urged parents to mind how their children use the internet.

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