A dad living in Belgium sends his wife photoshopped images of their kids whenever she asks him if the kids are okay.
If you are a parent of a toddler, you better know that every second is a heartbeat-raising moment. You are always watching your kids and you are always scared that the kids may fall down. Whenever you are at work, one partner stays at home to look after kids and the other one keeps asking if the kids are doing okay.

What would you do if your partner asks if the kids are okay. You would definitely send him/her photos of your kids so they can be stress-free. A dad living in Belgium does the same but he does not decrease his wife’s stress. In fact, he increases the stress by sending her photosopped images of their kids. Scroll down to have a look at these hilarious images created by a cool dad.

1. She is getting good at driving:

2. Celebrating her second birthday:

3. The master chef is here:

4. When you can’t go out for fishing so you do it at home:

5. Daddy run fast, catch him.

6. Making breakfast for the whole family:

7. Guys, stretching is good for your body:

8. Pick up all the right stuff:

9. The garden was dirty, so she thought to clean it:

10. That’s a goal:

11. Daddy is always busy reading books:

12. Give your kids the freedom to walk on their own:

That’s how they will learn to walk.


13. Girls are enjoying their drinks while dad is reading the book:

Kenny Deuss, is the cool and humorous dad of two adorable toddlers; three-year-old Alex and one-year-old Aster. When their mom went back to work after maternity leave, she was very concerned about the kids and kept messaging Kenny if the girls are okay. Kenny was fed up and he decided to photoshop the kids into risky situations that will scare the hell out of his girlfriend.

Kenny Deuss is a technical director and now runs the Instagram page “On Adventure With Dad” where he posts hilarious photos of his kids. He has more than 497K followers on Instagram.

14. She is pro at it, you will lose it:

15. He prefers reading the book over his kids:

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