A 64-year-old woman has slammed trolls as she filmed herself confidently posing in a lacey bra and black underwear.

British TikToker Jean Connolly hit out at haters who she had seen bringing other older women down on social media, remarking that critics can say what they like because they’ve ‘heard all that cr*p’.

‘There’s been a couple of ladies that were over 60 – like me – one of them dressed like this – bra, pants and a jacket and she got trolled. Like, ridiculously,’ the influencer said, posing in her lingerie, with a jacket stylishly thrown over her ensemble.

‘And she was really pretty. She wasn’t fat like I’m fat.’

Jean, who documents her weight loss journey with her TikTok followers, then explained she had seen a second lady of a similar age who wore thigh high boots and was also hit with nasty comments.

She continued: ‘But what you don’t realise is – you can troll us all you like because when you get past 60…we’ve heard all that cr*p.

‘We are what we are…we are confident.

‘So if you don’t like it that’s fine but just hope that when you’re 65 you’ve got that…you’ve got the balls to do that.’

The influencer – who revealed that she has only had positive comments in her experience – then expressed her disappointment that a lot of the trolling was done by other women.

‘For f**k’s sake what’s that about,’ she said. ‘You know, aren’t we supposed to like empower each other?’

Jean’s comments were flooded with support and positive encouragement.

‘Well said! You’re fabulous!’ one exclaimed.

Another chimed in: ‘Good for you girl.’

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‘The trolls love stuff like this, hiding behind their keyboard,’ one poster hit out. ‘Go for it beautiful lady.’

Other women aged 60 and over shared their own experiences with empowerment.

‘You look amazing,’ one wrote. ‘I am 62. Age is just a number.’


‘I’m in my 60’s and very proud of it, and I’ll wear what the hell I want with confidence,’ a second penned. ‘Good on you to speak up, and you look amazing!!’

Another revealed: ‘I think I am going to do this too. Prove age is a number. Proud of you. x’

The video now has more than 125,100 views.

Jean has more than 4,400 followers on TikTok, where she posts weight loss content. Her clips have racked up some 16,300 likes.

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