Chris Brown has sparked fury after he grabbed former Love Island star Natalia Zoppa by the throat in a lap dance during his Manchester live show earlier this week.

In what is proving to be a signature move as he tours around the UK, the R&B singer, 33, who has a history of domestic violence, wrapped his hands around the beauty’s neck before grinding on her.

It comes just weeks after Chris berated his critics for repeatedly mentioning his brutal assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 which sent her to hospital.

Fans have hit out at the star online, calling the latest footage ‘disturbing’ and ‘hideous’ and say Natalia, 23, looked visibly uncomfortable as Chris kept his hand around her neck for six seconds.

One wrote: ‘This is so disturbing. A man with a history of DV, sitting a fan on stage, grabbing her around the neck then thrusting in her face.

‘She may be a Love Island star but she doesn’t look comfortable with it. Why do women pay to go and watch him?’

Another added: ‘It looked hideous.’

A third viewer said: ‘This is so unpleasant to watch. Even the fact that she’s on a stage with him doesn’t stop her obvious discomfort – as she puts her hand up to his as it encircles her throat.’

Another said: ‘Maybe I should mind my own business but, why would you want Chris Brown of all people putting his hands on your throat after what he did to Rihanna’.

Natalia appeared on the first Winter series of Love Island back in 2020 and coupled up with Luke Mabbott after arriving as a bombshell contestant during Casa Amor.

The reality star hit back at the idea she was uncomfortable at any time during the performance as she told MailOnline: Why are people assuming the worst? It’s actually annoying. I loved every minute of it.

‘I’ve seen previous dances he’s done, and I knew what the routine was. I was more than happy to participate.

‘He barely even grabbed me.’

Chris has been under a jam-packed schedule over recent months with his Under The Influence world tour – hitting cities such as London, Glasgow and Dublin in the last few weeks.

During his nightly performances for his Under The Influence tour, the on-stage lap dance has become a staple in the show.

But the segment has caused some drama during some of the shows. Earlier this month, Chris infuriated one eager fan during his concert in Berlin on after grabbing her phone and hurling it into the crowd while she repeatedly tried to film him.

The rapper attempted to perform a lap dance around one fan who was sat on the stage, but she seemed more preoccupied with capturing the moment.

Videos of the moment, which were posted on TikTok, show Chris repeatedly pulling the phone out of the fan’s hand, but she continues to pose with it high in the air.

The Give Me Everything hitmaker performed a sexy lapdance for the fan, who was on the chair in the middle of the stage surrounded by his backing dancers.

But still more preoccupied with getting her moment in the spotlight, the fan once again grabs her phone to film herself.

Having had enough, Chris snatched the phone away and threw it into the crowd, to the fan’s clear shock.

The stage then plunged into darkness following the end of the performance.

Despite having her expensive phone pulled from her hands, another fan shared a TikTok showing the fan managed to track it down in the audience after the concert.

It comes after Chris furiously lashed out on social media over being criticised yet again for his history of domestic violence.

Following the latest wave of criticism, which was set of by Chloe Bailey’s announcement that she had collaborated with him on her single How Does It Feel, Brown also tried to shift the blame toward other white celebrities that he believed had been given a pass for past domestic abuse claims.

In a barrage of text posts shared to his Instagram Stories, Brown claimed that he couldn’t get the second chance that he believed so many other celebrities had been given.

‘If yall still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17 year old please kiss my whole entire a**!’ he began his latest set of posts.

‘I’m f***ing 33! Im so tired of yall running wit this narrative .. You weird a** n****s are the same ones that tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat the f*** out each other in front the world.

‘But thats OK? It’s entertainment? All yall can suck my d*** disrespectfully,’ he wrote.

Then Brown tried to divert attention by naming other celebrities who were accused of similar crimes to the one he pleaded guilty to in court.

‘Where are the cancel culture with these white artist that date underage women, beat the f*** out their wives, giving b****** AIDS,’ he began.

‘Oh. That’s right.. they are your buddies 😏. No more fake love from me.. Stay out my way or get ran over simple as that!

He concluded with, ‘None of you and I mean none of you n****s can f*** witt me.’

The backlash against Brown has also engulfed his duet partner Chloe Bailey, after she teased their song How Does It Feel.

The outrage came immediately upon announcing the track as the second single on her upcoming debut album In Pieces, which will be released next month.

After teasing the track with Brown by sharing a photo of them sharing an intimate embrace on Thursday, fans of the singer, 24, unleashed their fury on social media as they begged her not to drop the track.

Many argued that collaborating with the Ayo hitmaker was a massive misstep in her career due to his long history of extreme violence against women, including his then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.

In addition to giving his former partner a busted lip and painful black eye during a fight when she was 21, he most recently was accused of raping and drugging a woman aboard a yacht in 2020, which he has vehemently denied.

One Twitter user wrote on the short-form blogging platform: ‘Chloe bailey’s management has no idea who her target audience is and that’s why they make such poor decisions and have her all over the place.’

‘Chloe bailey making a song with Chris Brown in 2023, it’s like she’s afraid of success,’ another wrote.

A third fired: ‘Chloe Bailey makes it so hard to defend her girl WHY are you making music with an abuser.’

Some reflected on ‘what exactly are all these female artists from Ciara , to Kelly Rowland, Normani and now Chloe Bailey trying to prove in propping up or working with Chris Brown.’

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