A 22-year-old Buffalo woman was found dead on Christmas Eve after a monster winter storm trapped her in her car for 18 hours.

Anndel Taylor was driving home from work but the quick accumulation of snow outright buried her in her car, leaving her unable to open the doors. She called 911 but even the emergency personnel trying to locate and rescue her found themselves trapped. “Fire department, police, everybody got stuck,” Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele, told WSOC-TV, questioning why a “state that is known for snow” didn’t have vehicles that could handle the snowfall. Steele believes her daughter died from carbon monoxide poisoning, suggesting that snow blocked the exhaust pipe, according to a GoFundMe arranged by the family for funeral expenses. “Christmas will never be the same again,” her sister, Tomeshia Brown, wrote on Facebook, describing Taylor as the “golden child.”

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