Patti Scialfa pulled the ultimate prank on her rocker husband Bruce Springsteen. Patti bought her husband a pair of “dissolvable” swim shorts and then filmed him frolicking in the waters of a public beach as they disappear.

Scialfa conducted the “cruel” prank this week on Manasquan Beach at the Jersey Shore. Patti then posted the footage to TikTok where it has been viewed a whopping 28 million times.

The clip starts with Bruce, sporting the bright blue bathing suit, which she tells him she found “new at a Goodwill.”

Springsteen has no idea that the shorts will start to dissolve as soon as they get wet, and he is later seen wading into the waters at the busy beach blissfully unaware as to what will soon be revealed.

Footage shows Bruce throwing around a football in the waist-deep water before he realizes that his swimsuit is melting away. “My swimming trunks ripped… bad,” Bruce says in a panic, as he clutches his private parts beneath the waves.

Quit It

Patti continues to record him, and is heard bursting into laughter at her husband’s sudden despair. “Quit videoing me. I’m serious,” Bruce yells. “I’m naked!” Springsteen pleaded with family members and fans to fetch him a new pair of shorts, insisting that he cannot be seen nude in public.

A large crowd gathers but no one will help The Boss. After an hour he was forced to emerge from the sea butt nekkid and wrinkled. Fans are seen pointing and laughing while Bruce screams. “The water is cold. Didn’t you ever hear of shrinkage?”

Springsteen was forced to trek across the sand in his birthday suit as his wife stood by and laughed hysterically. Finally Bruce is handed a towel by a compassionate on looker. Scialfa is an avid prankster and has punk’d Bruce many times. She once put Ben Gay is his underpants before a show. While Bruce naps, Patti often puts his hand in warm water so he wets himself. “I convinced him that I have nothing to do with it and it is because he is old.”


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