The British father who left his partner and two children for a Ukrainian refugee has been arrested after a furious row with her, Mail Online can reveal.

Tony Garnett was detained by police last night at the Bradford cottage they share after neighbours called in the police.

Mr Garnett, 30, was held in a cell at Bradford police station and released early today.

Sources said he was hauled into police custody after local residents became concerned about Mr Garnett’s raised voice while he was with his lover Sofiia Karkadym.

MailOnline was told that the heated argument was centred on time he has been spending with his two daughters.

He was playing an online video game with his six-year-old daughter when shouting and swearing broke out between them.

Police arrived to find a ‘tense’ situation between them and Mr Garnett in an angry state and arrested him for a possible breach of the peace.

But after they were satisfied he had ‘calmed down’ he was released after more than six hours in custody.

The couple, who separated and then got back together, were back under the same roof this afternoon, but declined to comment.

But the source said: ‘Tony loves his daughters to bits and Sofiia has done her best to try and be understanding about that.

‘But she is young and wants her own children with Tony. But he has had a vasectomy and that has caused endless tension.

‘They are not in a position to even think about having children together as the relationship is quite new, but that problem is always there.

‘There is uncertainty about what they will do next, but the fact that neither of them can work at the moment doesn’t help. ‘

Mr Garnett, who has been featured on TV and in magazines and newspapers, says he can’t get work in security which he has done for most of his life, because he has a public profile and is recognised.

He has told MailOnline about his love for the refugee and that he was considering having the vasectomy reversed.

Mr Garnett said: ‘Yeah I was arrested but I did nowt wrong. I may have shouted a bit but that was it.’

Ms Karkadym, 22, has also been arrested in the past for turning up at his home after he broke off the relationship. But she was heard telling police last night that she did not want him to be charged as officers took him into custody.

Mr Garnett has talked openly about his love for his children and said his relationship with their mother Lorna was long over before his new love moved into their home

After he moved out to be with Ms Karkadym ten days after her arrival, he had been the subject of a ‘non-molestation’ order.

But a judge removed the ban on him after hearing how he missed his children and that he had split with his new love

She flew back to the war-torn country and to her family after Tony ended the relationship, only for him to fly to Ukraine and help bring her back.

But the tension over him spending time and devoting attention to his daughters has re-surfaced.

After he split with her, he told MailOnline: ‘One of the main reasons I split with Sofiia was because she hated the fact that I had two daughters I would always talk about them. She’s not a mother, so she would not understand.

‘She used to say things like “you love the children more than me.” And she was absolutely right.’


He and Ms Karkadym struck up an affair last May after she arrived at the home he shared with Lorna after she fled the Russian invasion of her country.

They admitted that they were attracted to each other and moved out of the family home and in with his parents before finding a place to rent.

In the early stages of their fling, the pair were blissfully happy and even talked about marriage and spending the rest of their lives together.

But the romance turned cold after a series of arguments which he said were caused by her drinking strong beer and throwing temper tantrums.

Ms Karkadym admitted that she found the fact difficult that he could not have more children and that he already had two kids with his ex-partner, who he regularly talked fondly about.

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