If there’s one thing that the royal family absolutely nails every single year, it’s their holiday cards. Prince William and Kate Middleton are known for vacationing in beautiful locations most summers, which also happen to be the picturesque backgrounds for their Christmas cards the following holiday season. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also have some stunning Christmas cards. The couple made plenty of headlines in December 2021 with their latest card, as it was the first time their daughter was included in one.

Fans of the royal family and people from all over the world typically get very excited each holiday season, knowing that they will get to see some gorgeous cards from the family. It’s clear that somebody language experts have also been taking an extra close look at the cards, as some have recently pointed out the uncanny similarities between Meghan and her husband’s late mother, Princess Diana.

Diana was known for being a beacon of light and always showed her children how much she loved and adored them. Plenty of old photographs have shown just how much William and Harry truly meant to Diana, as she went on royal outings and did everyday activities with them.

The Sussex family Christmas card from December 2021 showed Harry and Meghan with their two children, Archie and Lilibet. Meghan held Lilibet high in the air, smiling adoringly at her daughter. People couldn’t help but compare the pose to one of Diana’s from an old photograph of the late princess holding her firstborn son back in the 1980s, showing that Meghan is a perfect copy of Diana.

Their Remarkable Similarities

As a member of the royal family, it’s common for Meghan to be compared to Diana every now and then. According to The List, the Duchess of Sussex had been previously compared to the late princess back in March 2021 during her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey alongside Harry, as fans were quick to compare that interview with Diana’s extremely vulnerable and eye-opening tell-all with BBC journalist Martin Bashir in 1995.

In her 1995 interview, the Princess of Wales had opened up about her mental health struggles and what really led to the end of her marriage to Prince Charles. Similarly, Meghan talked about the issues she had been facing regarding the royal family and the way people viewed and treated her during her 2021 interview, according to The List.

Just a few days before Christmas 2021, Harry and Meghan debuted their holiday card, featuring their 2-year-old son Archie and their 6-month-old daughter Lilibet. The family looked happy and beautiful together, as Meghan proudly held Lilibet up in the air while the baby smiled down at her. The card also showed Archie sitting on his father’s knee; both had large smiles on their faces.

This was the fourth-holiday card Meghan and Harry sent out as a couple after getting married in 2018, according to Express. In 2019, they spent Christmas with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, in Los Angeles, California. The following year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent their first Christmas as non-working royals at their home in Montecito.

Strike A Pose


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According to Express, fans and body language experts immediately drew comparisons between Harry and Meghan’s recent Christmas photo and one of Diana from Feb. 1, 1983, taken at Kensington Palace. In that picture, Diana is seen holding William as an 8-month-old baby high up in the air, almost exactly like how Meghan was holding Lilibet.

Body language expert Judi James spoke about the similarities between Meghan and Diana. “There are such strong echoes from the past in Meghan’s Christmas card pose with daughter Lilibet and it’s not just in the way The Queen’s pet name has been chosen for the baby,” she said. “The body language that Meghan uses with her baby here is an almost direct and perfect copy of a pose adopted by Diana with her own baby many years before.”

James added, “Both women define themselves as loving, doting mothers with this pose, and both allow their babies to be seen in a playful mood as they laugh and smile down at them… The joy and delight on both women’s faces are tangible and it is also mirrored by their children’s facial expressions.”

The body language expert pointed out that there was one main difference between the poses, Meghan leaned her head back onto Harry’s chest as she held Lilibet, while Diana leaned her head back against a cushion as she held William.

“Lifting a child like this creates sensations of excitement that convert to fun when the child looks down and sees the reassuring and loving smile on its mother’s face,” James said. “It focuses the child’s attention on the mother and mutual, echoed smiles and laughter like this are often the result.”

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