You’re on the road, heading to work, and there’s one vehicle that is driving like an absolute tool. What are they driving? Well, according to a recent survey, they’re likely one of many BMW owners. Certainly, this can’t come as a shocking surprise to you. If you have spent any time on the road, you may even agree with the sentiment. Now, of course, there are some good BMW owners out there, and they probably drive perfectly well. However, when these surveys were taken, most people couldn’t recall very many “good” BWM drivers.

Moneybarn undertook this survey back in April of this year when they asked 4,000 drivers some basic questions. To clarify, these survey queries were about driver perceptions. The question at hand? “Who do you think are the worst drivers on the road?”

BMW Owners and Audi Owners

At the top of the list, and by a whopping margin, BMW owners were considered to be the most likely to cause an accident on the road. Almost 40% of those surveyed agreed that Beemer drivers are bad.

“It’s clear that BMW drivers have built up quite the reputation for them, hence the joke that BMWs don’t come with indicators!”

Following BMW in the survey was Audi. Although the gap was wide, these drivers still took 2nd place, coming in with 14%. You’ll have to take this survey with a grain of salt; after all, it’s not like this is hard peer-reviewed science.

However, this survey isn’t the first of its kind. In 2018 research was conducted by the ‘Dave TV’ British series entitled Yianni: Supercar Customiser. 2,000 car owners were asked who they believed to be the rudest drivers on the road. Not surprisingly, the winner was BMW owners. 56% of Brits felt that BMW owners were majorly rude on the roads.

According to that survey, the top 5 rudest drivers are:

  1. BMW M3
  2. Range Rover
  3. Audi TT
  4. Mercedes-Benz C-class
  5. Ford Transit Van

To sum up, there definitely seems to be a trend among driver perceptions. Apparently, this isn’t anything new either. BMW owners have been seen this way for many, many years. Even Google brings us the adjective “arrogant” when you search for them.

If you know of any BMW drivers (or Audi drivers for that matter), you may want to give them some room on the roads. They may be a bit upset about this news.


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