Big Brother legend Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace shared a snap of her tear-stained face as she spoke about the pressures of the festive season, after accusing an Asda manager of ruining her Christmas

Reality TV star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace shared a candid picture of herself in tears after accusing an Asda supermarket manager of “ruining” an old lady’s Christmas.

The former Big Brother contestant, 43, said her tearstained faced the showed the “reality of the pressure” of the big day and urged her followers to be strong.

Earlier today, Aisleyne tweeted: Wow … to think I tweeted nice things about @asda and now one of their managers as [single] handedly ruined my and a vulnerable old [lady’s] Christmas… I’m actually shaking in shock! Thanks guys.”

Aisleyne did not explain how Asda had spoilt her Christmas, despite being questioned by followers.

Three hours later, the model posted a photo of herself in her car, with tears running down her face and her mascara smudged, while wearing a black hoodie.

She wrote: “The reality of the pressure of Christmas…. be kind to yourselves at this time. Don’t put too much pressure… wanted to share this to show if your feeling like me it’s OK and it’s normal and I live you. Be strong xx”

Friends and followers were quick to support Aisleyne, with one person saying: “Such a worrying time for so many, and for so many different reasons.

“Buts it’s just another day remember that. Hope everyone has a nice day and enjoys it as much as they can. Merry Xmas to all.”

On December 10 Aisleyne had congratulated Asda on their scheme which allows children to eat for £1 at their cafes for the rest of year, with no adult spend required.

The Asda service team had then thanked her on Twitter for the “lovely feedback.”

The last year has seen Aisleyne admit she is starting to panic over whether she will have children, after several miscarriages and not freezing her eggs.

“I’m really starting to panic that it’s just not going to happen for me,” Aiseleyne, who has rhesus-negative blood, said.

She said that her career took priority and, now, she’s fully aware of how a woman’s ‘clock is always ticking’.

“I just have to hope and pray that I’ve not left it too late to have my miracle baby,” she explained to The Sun.

She she had started weighing up all her options, which include using a sperm donor, fostering, adopting, or having a child with her gay best friend.

She is still “determined” to become a mum, she said in August.

Aisleyne told Closer: “After each trauma of a miscarriage, I tend to put it behind me and move on with life without really delving into what could be going wrong.

“When I was younger, I thought, I’ll worry about it later and just get on with my career, but now that I’m 43, I can’t put it in a box and push it into the back of my mind anymore.”


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