Singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck seem to have hit a rough patch just a few months after their wedding. The actor was recently spotted without a wedding ring and it has sparked rumors that the two might split again. The two got engaged back in 2002 but decided to end their relationship in 2004. Now, it seems like history is repeating itself as they are facing complications in their relationship once again. The two rekindled their romance after almost 20 years and got married in July. They even signed a contract that will prevent them from cheating. Sources have claimed that Ben Affleck is Jennifer Lopez’s personal robot and he has no control over his life.

Ben Affleck was spotted without his wedding ring

Recently, actor Ben Affleck made a public appearance without his wedding ring. The actor was spotted by the paparazzi in Los Angeles and it was clear that he left his wedding ring at home. Sources say that Jennifer Lopez decided to get rid of the actor’s valuable motorcycle collection because he wouldn’t give up smoking. This decision did not sit well with the actor, who is known for collecting valuable cars and bikes.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly living separately

Several media outlets have claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck do not live in the same house anymore. The singer is fed up with the actor’s habit of smoking and since the smell of cigarettes is everywhere, she decided to live separately. The actor promised her to quit smoking but it seems like he is stressed as he can’t stop smoking. This has sparked rumors that they are facing a marital crisis just a few months after their wedding in July.

The two got married in July

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married in Las Vegas in July and went to Paris on their honeymoon. They did not stop there as they decided to get married again at Ben Affleck’s mansion in Georgia in August. But reportedly, the actor has no control over his life anymore as his wife wants him to do everything to her taste. The singer has also been spending a lot of his money despite having a higher net worth than him. The actor is now her “personal robot” and even his brother has pointed out that he looks distressed during his public outings. It seems like his wife doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of giving him some space.


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