A lash technician from Detroit is the expert when it comes to installing extremely huge eyelash extensions. The 25-year-old is all about go bold or go home with her lashes, but it’s not really a favorite for the majority of the internet.

In one of Noa L.’s latest posts, she installed some really fluffy and glam eyelashes on her client.

The post went viral with over 1.7 million views on social media and thousands of comments. It’s also been liked thousands of times, but the comment section was also flooded with criticisms as the beauty community was divided on the look.

You can’t even see the client’s eyelids after the 28mm lashes were installed. It had glitters added to the tips of whizz.

Noa never holds back, and that’s why her clients love her. One of them told Noa under her post, “You did my lashes so beautiful per usual thank you!!!”

While there are people who spammed her post with heart emojis and praised her work, others gave a strong “no.”

One critic wrote, “You can’t be freakin serious.”

Another commented, “Yall doing to much with these lashes now man.”

One viewer wrote, “Her bottom lashes are as long as my top lashes lol.”

Despite everything that’s been said, Noa’s a popular lash artist amongst those who love glam lashes and always has new clients to share about.

Her comment section has since been turned off due to the criticisms, but she’s not the first to experience backlash from showing off her extreme glam eyelash work.

Previously, beauty expert Kimm from Los Angeles had trolls who called her extensions massive brooms. Those extensions cost $300.

But she slammed back at the critics and said on TikTok, “Everybody who keep commenting about the lashes saying they are too heavy and look ugly, DON’T wear them.”

These eyelashes look like they could flap a storm with just one blink. Yay or nay?

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