How can a mother have the hurt to hurt her own child? That is the first question that pops into our minds every time we hear, see, or read horror stories of children dying because of their mother’s cruelty. No child deserves this, but unfortunately, this infant died on his first birthday after he was sexually tortured by his mother and her boyfriend.

According to the reports, Little Hoss Wayne Benham was found to have sustained around 89 injuries all over his body after he was taken to the hospital in Cullman, Alabama. The police report reveals that the infant’s mother, Crystal Ballenger, 27, and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Hugh Brown, 41, lied to the hospital staff and the authorities. They said that the child died in a bathtub in their trailer home.

However, when the autopsy was revealed, the test showed that the boy had 38 injuries on his neck and head which can possibly be caused by blunt-force trauma. The baby also had 4 injuries on each of his eyes, 6 on his torso, 19 on his arms and legs, and 7 more on his genitals. He also had 7 burns on his right foot and 4 on his left.

A court document shared by a local media also revealed that the baby’s skull had fractures.

During the court hearing, the mother and her boyfriend were immediately charged with capital murder. According to the prosecutors, the injuries on the infant’s body were enough evidence that he suffered both physical and sexual torture in the hands of his own mother and her boyfriend.

In fact, Cullman County District Attorney Wilson Blaylock was fighting for the death penalty after the autopsy report had been released. During the indictment of the accused, the attorney said, “It’s really unbelievable and just hard to read what happened to this infant child. His last 36 hours were spent in horror and pain.

” Cullman also reported that the charges detailed in court documents showed that the mother and her boyfriend were charged with aggravated child abuse, sexual torture, and capital murder.

The police reported that both Ballenger and Brown tested positive for methamphetamine as well as other drugs after the infant’s death. A statement that was released by the arresting officer deputy, Bethany Shaddrix, stated that Ballenger claimed that Brown was only trying to teach the boy how to swim in the bathtub by holding him underwater for about 20 to 25 seconds. And this is how the boy lost his life.

But according to the investigators, the bruising and the skull fracture indicted were obvious signs of abuse.

A woman who claims to be the boy’s grandmother shared her grief online as she wrote, “He was my first great-grandson, and I miss him every single day, and he is always on my mind… I look to heaven every night and tell him goodnight because I know he is in heaven, and he watches over us all… I Love You and miss you, and I miss that beautiful smile that was always on your face. From your great nana.

A child deserves all the love from his or her parents. Unfortunately, this is not what baby Hoss Wayne Benham experienced from his mother, hours before his death, or probably, all throughout his short lifetime.

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