Hosting a child-free wedding is a choice that many couples make for a variety of very valid reasons, and these couples are well within their rights to do so. Part of the issue that isn’t usually discussed is how a couple chooses who is and isn’t a kid. For some, the answer is simple: if you’re 18 or older, you’re an adult. At least, that’s what one mother believed when her sister asked the family to her childless wedding, but her sister seemed to differ. Scroll down to read the whole story and share your thoughts on this.

I’ll just start by saying that I’m a foster mother, I have a disabled 18 year old son who my husband and I adopted when he was 4. His biological parents aren’t in the picture. My husband and I are his primary caregivers. We love him, he’s the light of our life, we give him all the care and appreciation he deserves since he’s always felt an unfortunate hand in life. He became wheelchair bound at 16 years of age. Nothing through his fault because it was an accident and the drunk driver was responsible for it.

My family loves my son and always makes him feel like he’s one of their own. So far we’ve had no issues til my sister sent me an invitation for her wedding on October 29th. The invitation didn’t include my son in fact it stated my son can not attend since the wedding is child free. I was shocked but mostly upset. I called her to ask if she was serious by claiming my son is a child. She apologized saying due to his health and slow growth she’s worried the guests would see him and assume he’s 15 at max. I said that was illogical and asked if she wanted me to bring identification to proof to her guests that my son is a legal adult.

She swore it wasn’t about my son and went in about how much she adores him but she didn’t want to deal with angry guests assuming she’s favoring her family by letting kids attend. She said I shouldn’t take this personal because my brother’s daughter who’s 5 isn’t allowed but she’s 5 and my son is 18,! I said I was sorry but couldn’t help but feel she was looking for excuses to exclude him. I ended the conversation and spoke to my son and he cried. I talked to my husband and decided we won’t attend the wedding and instead made a reservation to go to the national park and have a tour there together as a family the day of my sister’s wedding.

My sister found out and was shocked. She and my mother said I can’t do that and not come to the wedding just because I was asked to respect the rules. I said I was respecting the rules by not attending altogether instead of bringing my son. Mom said it was petty of me to do that and told me to cancel the reservation and come with my husband to the wedding but I declined. What are your opinions? Did I over react?

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