The last month has been filled with updates from the infamous Johnny Depp VS. Amber Heard trial – brought up by Johnny Depp against Ms. Heard after she wrote an op-ed about him. Last week, Johnny Depp gave testimonies and shared a lot of things about being abused by Amber Heard. For the last two days, Amber Heard has been giving testimonies and sharing her side of the story.

One of the most talked-about stories from Amber Heard’s testimony is about a flight they were on during which, according to Heard, Johnny Depp “reeked of weed & alcohol” and kept behaving very oddly to her. During her testimony, she gets visibly emotional as it’s getting more difficult for her to share what happened on the flight.

She said:

“We take off, and at some point, he’s asking me what’s wrong with me, so I have something to tell him… Do you wanna talk to me about your day yesterday? I already know that he’s drunk; I already know he’s using. “He reeks of weed and alcohol, I mean, his breath smelled so bad, and I could… I could anticipate that there was a no-win situation here. There was no me talking myself out of this or talking him down.”

She went on to explain how Johnny Depp kept asking her about a particular scene she did with James Franco in a movie together. She said: “It got worse and worse. It went from asking me about how my kissing scene went… Asking me about what Franco had done in the scene… Saying really disgusting things about my body… Just straight up taunting me.”

“Also this is happening with security and his assistants on the plane.” The movie they’re talking about is 2015’s “The Adderall Diaries,” which stars both James Franco & Amber Heard. While Amber Heard continued to get emotional while discussing this event, Johnny Depp can be seen laughing and smirking. She also went on to explain how she switched seats during the flight and Johnny threw ice cubes at her. Johnny Depp also allegedly kicked the back of her seat.

Today was day 15 of this infamous trial. Amber Heard’s testimony has garnered a lot of virality, and people from all over the world are seeing another side of the story after Johnny’s testimonies. There is still a lot of information that’s going to be revealed in the days to come.

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