We all like comparing ourselves to “old” versions of ourselves to see how we have changed over time. The artist Ard Gelinck makes the impossible possible: using Photoshop, he creates photos of famous people in which they meet — and even virtually hug — their younger selves, some even in their childhood. Ard has his own Instagram page, which has more than 300K followers, where he posts these photos. We’re sure you’ll like his work too!

We at Bright Side want to share a fresh batch of pictures made by this artist, with which you may actually see how our favorite celebs have changed.

1. Jennifer Aniston2. Justin Timberlake 3. Angelina Jolie 4. David Beckham 5. Johnny Depp 6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

7. Jimmy Fallon8. Drew Barrymore 9. Harry Styles 10. Cindy Crawford 11. Ed Sheeran 12. Joe Jonas 13. Nick Jonas 14. Jim Carrey 15. Selena Gomez 16. Pharrell Williams


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