Eve Barlow, a close friend of Amber Heard, has accused women who support the actress’ ex-husband Johnny Depp of being motivated by “envy” and “low self-esteem.” Women “hate” Heard, 36, out of jealousy over her attractiveness, according to Barlow, a British music journalist.

“It’s easy for women with low self-esteem to hate AH [Amber Heard] or justify their prejudice towards archetypal feminine strength/beauty by denying their envy of it,” Barlow tweeted Tuesday, May 10. “They perceive an afforded power that’s truly a myth, and excuse their own inefficiency at being resilient against misogyny.”

Barlow stated that the actress “had to fight for her life” despite her celebrity status. Barlow was forcibly booted from the Virginia courtroom for texting and tweeting in the front row at the commencement of the $50 million defamation trial between the former couple.

“She still wasn’t afforded a savior. It’s much easier to get behind a woman who plays the damsel in distress than it is to empathize with a woman who has had to liberate herself,” Barlow wrote. Barlow, a former deputy editor of the British music and entertainment website NME and a New York Magazine contributor, was reacting to a question asked by law expert Dr. Charlotte Proudman. Dr. Proudman had tweeted asking her followers, “Do women hate other women? And if you think they do, why?”

Depp sued Heard in 2018 for a Washington Post op-ed in which she claimed to be a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Although the article at the core of the case does not identify Depp by name, he claims it obviously refers to allegations Heard made elsewhere that she was physically abused by him. Depp has denied the allegations.

Last week, Heard testified on the witness stand about how Depp allegedly attacked her amid confrontations fueled by drugs and envy and threatened to “carve up” her face with a bottle on many occasions in 2015, before thrusting one inside her. Heard’s testimony will resume as the court reconvenes next Monday, May 16.

Barlow has been using her public position to attack Heard’s many opponents, including women, who have accused her of lying about being mistreated by Depp during their rocky marriage. Meanwhile, a new TikTok trend has led to several supposedly humorous re-enactments of Heard’s testimony about the alleged assault. “Listen, anyone protecting the TikTok abuse of Amber Heard is acting in bad faith,” the music journalist tweeted Monday to her 48,500 followers. “You can’t argue that it doesn’t have a chilling effect on survivors from coming forward. Anyone actively mocking testimony about abuse is contributing to that silencing. Period.”

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