It’s no secret that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been locked in an incredibly messy breakup that involves a couple of messy lawsuits that could see either of them spending a large amount of money.

Johnny Depp originally filed a defamation case against Heard back in 2019, wherein Depp alleged that Heard damaged his career due to her op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018.

In the op-ed, Heard wrote about how she was a public figure representing domestic problems. Depp is seeking as much as $50 million in damages as a result of Heard’s alleged defamation. However, Heard turned the tables by filing a counterclaim against Depp and by accusing him of orchestrating a “smear campaign” against her.

She has also come out to publicly declare his defamation lawsuit as a continuation of his problems with her. Heard has asked for $100 million in damages and for immunity from Depp’s claims.

A Messy Ordeal

Heard recently took to Instagram to air out some of her feelings regarding the entire situation.

“I’m going offline for the next several weeks. As you may know, I’ll be in Virginia, where I face my ex-husband Johnny Depp in court. Johnny is suing me for an op-ed I wrote in the Washington Post, in which I recounted my experience of violence and domestic ab*se. I never named him, rather I wrote about the price women pay for speaking out against men in power.”

Heard has rarely opened up about her feud with Depp to the public, and this was a rare show of vulnerability ever since this ordeal started in the first place.

“I continue to pay that price, but hopefully when this case concludes, I can move on and so can Johnny.”

In her post, Heard also confessed that she still “maintains a love” for Johnny and that she hopes that he eventually finds peace after this is all over. Heard concluded her post by expressing her regrets over how everything has turned out and that she’s going to need more support in the coming weeks.

“…it brings me great pain to have to live out the details of our past life together in front of the world. At this time, I recognize the ongoing support I’ve been fortunate to receive throughout these years, and in the coming weeks I will be leaning on it more than ever.”

Damaged Careers

Both Heard’s and Depp’s careers have suffered due to this very public feud. Most notably, Johnny Depp was forced out of WB’s Fantastic Beasts movie franchise, where he played the evil wizard Grindelwald. Mads Mikkelsen has since replaced him.

There are also rumors swirling around about how WB could potentially replace Amber Heard in her role within the Aquaman movie franchise.

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