• Amber Heard broke down on the stand Thursday as she detailed how Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her with a liquor bottle in March 2015 in Australia at their rented home
  • ‘At some point he’s on top of me, screaming I f**king hate you, you ruined my f**king life,’ Heard testified as she sobbed uncontrollably. ‘I’m on the countertop, he had me by the neck and was on top of me’
  • This is the same incident that saw Johnny Depp’s finger severed. He claimed Heard threw a liquor bottle which severed it. Heard testified that she did not witness Depp’s fingertip being cut off
  • ‘Next thing I remember I was bent over backward on the bar, I was staring at the blue light. My back was on the countertop. I thought he was punching me. I felt this pressure on my pubic bone
  • Depp is suing Heard for $50million, claiming she defamed him and ruined his career after a 2018 Washington Post article in which she described herself as a domestic abuse survivor. She is countersuing for $100million

Amber Heard broke down on the stand as she detailed how Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her with a liquor bottle during emotional testimony that the actor’s defense team labeled the ‘performance of her life.’ The alleged assault took place in March 2015 in Australia at the rented home he was living in while filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

This is the same incident that saw Johnny Depp’s finger severed. He claimed Heard threw a liquor bottle which severed it. Heard testified that she did not witness Depp’s fingertip being cut off. ‘At some point he’s on top of me, screaming I f**king hate you, you ruined my f**king life,’ Heard testified as she sobbed uncontrollably. ‘I’m on the countertop, he had me by the neck and was on top of me.

‘I’m looking in his eyes and I don’t see him anymore. It wasn’t him, it was black. I haven’t been so scared in my life. He was looking at me. I was trying to get through to him, to say in some way it was me. Trying to get through to Johnny. ‘My head was bashing against the back of the bar and I couldn’t breathe. I remember trying to get up to tell him he was really hurting me. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t get through to him. I couldn’t get up.’

At this point, Heard became overwhelmed with emotion on the stand. ‘Next thing I remember I was bent over backward on the bar, I was staring at the blue light. My back was on the countertop. I thought he was punching me. I felt this pressure on my pubic bone and I could feel his arms moving. It looked like he was punching me. I could just feel this pressure.

‘I don’t remember what I said, I just remember being really still, not wanting to move. I remember looking around the room, looking at all the broken bottles, and broken glass, and I remember not wanting to move because I didn’t know if it was broken, I didn’t know if the bottle that he had inside me was broken. ‘I couldn’t feel it, I didn’t feel pain, I didn’t feel anything.

‘I saw so much broken glass I didn’t know if he would know if it was broken or not and I remember thinking please go I hope it’s not broken. I don’t know how that ended. I don’t know how I got off the countertop. ‘I just remember being in the bathroom. I remember retching, the sound my voice was making. I lost control of my bladder. I remember just retching, there was blood on the floor.’ Depp’s team claimed the actress’ tales of abuse have evolved with ‘new and convenient details’ and planned on exposing her lies on cross-examination.

Heard said that leading up to the fight Depp confirmed he had not slept nor had he eaten. ‘We get into an argument. He was accusing me of (sleeping with) Eddie Redmayne (her co-star in The Danish Girl). He thought I was working with Billy Bob Thornton but I’d already worked with him a year earlier. He was very upset about him.’ Heard said that Depp had taken 8-10 MDMA pills.

She said, ‘He confirmed he took that amount and he could take that amount. 8 or 10.’ She said Depp continued accusing her of cheating on him. She said, ‘He calls his agent, he calls a few people and he’s screaming at them. I got a sense it was money, he got a sense people had been stealing from him. ‘He was calling himself a wh**e, he’d been wh**ed out.’

‘Next thing I remember is coming downstairs and looking for him. We had an interaction that I can’t really describe, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Just belligerent, throwing things, screaming at me. I realized I was back on the chopping block,’ Heard said. ‘He has me up against the wall, he slams me hard, I hit my head hard. This is the wall next to the kitchenette. There were these fridges and I remember being slammed up against those. I remember pushing him off of me. The name-calling, the wh**e, the slut the fat a**.

‘He was squeezing my neck. It got really nasty. It went from no one likes you, everyone warned me about you. He said everyone had warned him about me and he wished he’d never married me. That no one liked me. ‘At some point, I shoved him and he shoved me back. He said: ‘Do you want to go little girl?’ Heard said she was struggling with him and he threw her across the room.

‘I land on a games table. He gets on top of me on the games table and is just whacking me in the face, repetitive. We struggled. ‘He’s taunting me to take the bottle from him. He’s holding out the bottle, the third time I get a hold of it, I slam it down on the ground between us. That really set him off. ‘It was like a lightbulb switch went off. He starts screaming. I don’t know if he backhanded me or hit me. It sent me down to the ground. By the time I picked myself off the floor he’s got a bottle in his hand, he threw it at me, but it missed.

‘He had a broken bottle up against my face, neck area and he told me I’ll carve up your face. It was terrifying. ‘I remember him having me by the nightgown. I remember him throwing me around, I’m flailing. ‘He’s throwing these bottles at me. There are soda cans and they’re coming at me one after another. I keep pulling myself into the bar area. He’s standing in the only area you can exit.

‘I can feel glass breaking behind me. I can remember being terrified. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t go anywhere. He ran out of things to throw, I ran to the exit and we got into this struggle by the bar area ‘I remember my feet slipping on the tile as he was slamming me from the wall to the countertop. He had my nightgown and ripped it off my chest. ‘He’s teasing me he has my breasts in his hand, my nightgown came completely off, it was ripped off of me, I was naked.

‘He’s flinging me around. He’s screaming at me he f**king hates me, I ruined his life. Over and over. He starts punching the wall next to my head, holding me by the neck. ‘His energy shifted to the phone on the wall. He went from punching the wall, he picked up the phone – rahhhh! – screaming at the top of his lungs, I f**king hate you. He starts bashing the phone against the wall. ‘Every time he pulled his hand back it was breaking into pieces, he’s smashing it to smithereens.’

Heard said that when she woke up the next day she could hear Marilyn Manson’s music blaring out of the speakers of the house. It ‘became clear’ that Depp had not slept. Heard said she saw brown writing on the walls that were in dried blood – there was blood on the carpet and brown letters that were messages to her. There was a ‘giant penis’ written on a painting and a table overturned. In the bar area where they had their fight the previous night, there was broken glass everywhere.

Heard said: ‘He had his hand wrapped in these rags and I think he took them down or showed me, look what you made me do. Something to that effect. It was covered in paint. I put together he was using his finger – that’s what he was using as a paintbrush.’ Depp’s security turned up and Heard tried to get him coffee but he threw the cup at the TV, she claimed. Heard said, ‘Johnny took his penis out of his pants and started trying to pee outside of the house saying he had more messages for me. His security looked at me and not laughed, played it off. It was like corralling a wild animal back into the house with his penis out of his pants.

‘He went to pee on the wall of the house, saying he had more messages for me.’ Heard added that there were ‘mashed potatoes smeared all over the bedroom window and the door.’ Later that night she found the steak she had been preparing for dinner when they got into their argument – pieces were all over the house.

She said: ‘I found the raw meat I’d left out, the steak, it was cut up and he’d ripped my nightgown into pieces and wrapped the meat up, wrapped the steak pieces up with my nightgown.’ Heard details of the lead-up to the blowout fight. She said she and Depp had got married in February 2013 and that right after she flew to London to film The Danish Girl. Then in March, she flew to Australia to join Depp while he was filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5. She said: ‘I flew in all I wanted to do was see my new husband. He’d lost a ton of weight. I knew something was up.

‘At some point early in that evening, he pulls out a bag of MDMA. I was surprised because at the time that was, there was no question mark as to how I would respond. Why would you even think that’s OK? ‘He’d already gotten clean and sober. He seemed to suggest we should do it together. I was absolutely not. I want to see you and spend time with you. ‘It was the exact opposite of what I wanted. It seemed delusional to suggest this. If you had been through what I’d been through it was crazy.’

Heard said that they got into an argument – the first of many. She said: ‘I shove past him, just stomp off. He grabs me. In my head I wasn’t thinking of leaving yet but that would later be going through my mind ‘I don’t remember the exact sequence of things. I have a lot of flashes. ‘The first night I distinctly remember at one point maybe I came back into the room but he shoved me. I went flying across these parakeet floors, just kidding. It looked so easy for him to throw me around like that. I just slid.

‘We had another argument that was a spin-off from that, it was this on-off sort of thing ‘I remember he shoves me up against the fridge, he has me by the throat and was holding me there by my throat. He’s bashing me against the wall next to the fridge. At some point I’m in his face, I remember slapping him across the face, screaming at him, screaming at me.

‘I eventually barricaded the door. It wouldn’t stop him from coming in, he could come in the other doors. At least I’d hear it. I just wanted to know if he came in.’ Heard told the court that after they returned from Australia they reconciled but soon after she discovered he had cheated on her right after their wedding. She said that Depp passed out one day and she saw he had been texting another woman he had been seeing at the start of their relationship. Heard said that the date of their messages was ‘right after the wedding’, which took place in February 2015.

Heard told the court that ‘after touching down in Los Angeles’ from the wedding in the Bahamas, ‘the next day he went to this woman with whom he had a sexual relationship.’ She said: ‘I freaked out. I immediately confronted him about it. I didn’t care in that moment if he did kill me, which was likely in confronting him. I didn’t care anymore. He’d already ripped my heart out. ‘From having been through it in Australia weeks prior, I see this it was like….unbelievably painful,

‘I’m yelling at him, calling him these ugly names, told him to get the f**k out the house. We were screaming at each other. I remember being so mad at him for cheating on me and doing so in this way, right after my wedding. ‘It felt like everything came crashing down. I was so hurt,’ During the row Heard called Depp a ‘f**king pu**y’ and he ‘bolted’ towards her. She said: ‘He had his hand on the back of my hair and was yanking me down and hit me in the face with this cast.

‘I remember this brief struggle we had before the breakaway. Whitney, my sister, put herself between Johnny and I in the line of fire. ‘Johnny swings at her, seeing my little sister, and Johnny swings at her. I don’t even wait for any other, in my head think of Kate Moss and stairs and I swung at him. Heard was referring to her previous claims that Depp once pushed the supermodel, who he once dated, down the stairs. Depp shook his head as Heard made the claim. Heard said, ‘All of my relationships to date to Johnny I hadn’t landed a blow and for the first time I hit him square in the face.

‘Johnny kind of looked stunned and laughed at me and lunged at me again and security stepped in between us and pulled Johnny away.’ Heard said that after that Depp threw her clothing racks down the stairs, telling the court that ‘everything he could touch he tried to destroy.’ Heard claimed that during one fight in December 2015 Depp headbutted her and beat her so badly she thought she would die. She said that he told her: ‘You really want to go now, tough guy’ before punching her.

She said: ‘I look him right in the eyes. It was a really still moment.’ ‘(He said) you want to go again, tough guy. I looked right up at his face, he balled up his face, leaned back, and headbutted me square in the nose. ‘Instantly (I felt) searing pain, It’s one of the few memories I have of physical pain, searing pain’. Depp dragged Heard by the hair into a neighboring apartment, leaving chunks lying all over the floor.

He got on top of her with her face in a pill and was repeatedly beating her. Heard said: ‘He’s trying to hold me with his knee on my back and he’s punching me with a closed fist repeatedly. ‘I remember the sound of Johnny’s voice he got next to my ear and he was screaming over and over again I f**king hate you, I f**king hate you over and over. F**king hate you. Pounding the back of my head with his fist.

‘I could hear myself scream until I couldn’t hear myself anymore I could just hear him say he was going to kill me and he sounded like an animal in pain when he was saying he f**king hated me. He sounded different like he was in agony. He just hit me over and over and over again. I got really still and it felt in my body quiet.

‘I thought this is how I die, he’s going to kill me now. He’s going to kill me and he won’t even have realized it. ‘I couldn’t breathe. I remember trying to scream and I couldn’t scream suffocating in this pillow top with him holding me down and punching me. I don’t have any memory after that until I woke up.’

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