• Heard, 36, sat down for an interview with the Today show’s Savannah Guthrie, which was taped on Thursday and aired in part on Wednesday morning; it will be shown in full on Dateline on Friday evening
  • The actress hit back at claims made by Depp’s legal team during the former couple’s six-week defamation trial that she ‘lied’ about the abuse she says she suffered at his hands, including allegations that she ‘faked’ bruises
  • Heard claimed she would have been accused of lying whether she had bruises or not, saying: ‘If you have bruising, if you have injuries it is fake; if you don’t have any, then you weren’t injured’
  • The actress – who furiously hit back at rumors she has been dropped from the Aquaman sequel on Tuesday – says she now wants to focus on being a ‘full time mom’ to her one-year-old daughter Oonagh
  • This is the first time that Heard has spoken out publicly since she a jury ruled that she defamed her ex-husband and ordered her to pay him $10 million in damages
  • Depp was ordered to pay Heard $2 million in compensatory damages; his legal team said last week that he may waive her payment of $8 million with deductions

Amber Heard has admitted that she ‘absolutely still loves’ her ex-husband Johnny Depp, despite once again speaking out to accuse him of physical abuse during their relationship – insisting that her lack of visible injuries does not mean that her claims were ‘fake’ or a ‘hoax’.

The 36-year-old actress once again spoke out about the abuse she claims she suffered at the hands of her former spouse during a wide-ranging Today show interview with Savannah Guthrie – just days after she was found guilty of defaming Depp, 59, in a Washington Post op-ed in which she stated she was a survivor of ‘domestic abuse’.

In the third installment of the interview – which will air in full on NBC’s Dateline on Friday – Heard also hit back at several moments during the trial when she was called out for ‘lying’, including claims that she ‘faked’ bruising on her face and allegations that she tipped off TMZ as to when she was planning to visit a courthouse in order to file a restraining order against her ex-husband.

She went on to hit back at the furious criticism she faced after it was revealed that she had not honored the $3.5 million donation to the ACLU that she insisted she had handed over from her $7 million divorce settlement, claiming that she had only ever meant to make that ‘pledge over time’.

Heard also addressed her plans for the future, revealing that she now plans to be a ‘full-time mom’ to her one-year-old daughter Oonagh Paige – hours after her team was force to deny rumors that the actress has been cut from her $2 million role in the Aquaman sequel.

Earlier this month, a jury ruled that Heard defamed her ex-husband by publishing a piece about being a sexual assault survivor in the Washington Post. She was ordered to pay Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, although the second payment was reduced to $350,000 per Virginia law by the judge. She was awarded a relatively paltry $2 million in compensatory damages, meaning that Depp walked away from the case with Heard owing him $8.35 million.

Wednesday’s broadcast marked the final installment of a three-part interview in which Heard has made several sensational claims, including:

  • Repeating her allegations that Depp physically abused her during their marriage, insisting that he ‘lied’ on the stand when he said that he had ‘never hit her’
  • Accusing the jury of being swayed by ‘unfair social media representation’ and her ex-husband’s ‘fantastic acting’ on the stand, as well as his reputation as a ‘beloved’ Hollywood star
  • Stating that Depp’s legal team put ‘paid employees and randos’ on the stand in order to ‘distract the jury from the real issues’
  • Claiming that audio recordings of alleged abuse that were played during the trial were ‘edited’ and only gave the jury a minutes-long version of the hours-long tapes
  • Hitting out at Depp’s glamorous lawyer Camille Vasquez for helping to convince the jury believe ‘a man who convinced the world he had scissors for fingers’
  • Insisting that she will still honor her ‘pledge’ to donate $3.5 million from her $7 million divorce settlement to the ACLU – and claiming her being caught out in a lie about handing it over ‘shouldn’t’ have affected her case
  • Blasting allegations that she ‘faked’ bruises – and claiming that a lack of visible injuries doesn’t mean she wasn’t ‘abused’ by
  • Depp; denied ‘tipping off’ TMZ to court appearance for restraining order
  • Admitting she ‘did and said horrible’ things during her ‘ugly and beautiful’ relationship with Depp – but insisting she ‘never instigated [violence]’ and only ever ‘responded to it’


During the Today interview, Heard spoke out about her feelings for her ex-husband, telling Guthrie that she ‘absolutely still loves’ Depp – even though she refused to walk back her allegations of abuse against him, saying that she will ‘stand by every word of her testimony… until the day she dies’.

Despite a jury ruling overwhelmingly in her ex-husband’s favor, finding Heard guilty on three counts of defamation against him, the actress refused to walk back her claims of abuse against him – instead doubling down on her allegations that he was physically violent towards her and accusing him of ‘lying’ on the stand when he said that he ‘never hit her’.

‘He said he never hit you. Is that a lie?’ Guthrie questioned, to which Heard responded bluntly: ‘Yes it is.’

She added: ‘To my dying day, I will stand by every word of my testimony.’

When asked by Guthrie whether she stands by a previous statement that she ‘still loves’ her ex-husband, Heard responded: ‘Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. I love him. I loved him with all my heart and I tried the best I could to make a deeply broken relationship work. And I couldn’t. I have no bad feelings or ill will towards him at all. I know that might be hard to understand or it might be really easy to understand if you’ve ever loved anyone.’

However despite the actress admitting that she ‘still loves’ her former spouse, she once again doubled down on her allegations that he physically abused her throughout their relationship, hitting back at claims that she ‘faked’ bruising in order to incriminate him – insisting that she would have been accused of lying whether or not she had visible injuries.

‘Again it is that thing: if you have bruising, if you have injuries, it is fake. If you don’t have any, [then] you weren’t injured,’ she said of claims made by Depp’s legal team that she faked bruises on her face and that she was seen multiple times in public in the hours and days after alleged instances of abuse without any visible injuries.

When grilled by Guthrie about audio clips that were played during the six-week trial in which the actress could be heard admitting to being physically abusive towards Depp, Heard insisted that she only ever ‘responded to [physical violence]’ but that she ‘never instigated it’.

‘I never had to instigate it, I responded to it,’ she claimed. ‘When you’re living in violence and it becomes normal – as I testified to – you have to adapt.’

Heard added that, while she ‘has so much regret’ over the ‘horrible’ and ‘ugly’ things she did and said to Depp, she was only acting as a ‘person in extreme emotional, psychological, and physical distress’ who felt that their ‘life was at risk’.

‘I know much has been made of these audio tapes,’ she said. ‘They were first leaked online after being edited. What you would hear in these clips [was] not evidence of what was happening, it was evidence of a negotiation, of how to talk about that with your abuser.’

She continued: ‘As I testified on the stand about it. When your life is at risk, not only will you take the blame for things that you shouldn’t take the blame for, but when you are in an abusive dynamic – psychologically, emotionally, and physically – you don’t have the resources or the luxury of saying, “Hey this is black and white.”

‘Because it is anything but when you are living in it.’

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