“I met Carol and, by surprise, I learned that she was carrying a little baby. Wow, what a scare! God, will I become a father like this?”
A man shared the unusual story of how he became the father of a baby girl when he met a pregnant woman and fell in love with her. However, he had to defend his paternity from people who questioned his decision.

Actor Mark Ruffalo retweeted AOC’s post, asking Musk to “get off Twitter.”

“Hand the keys over to someone who does this as an actual job, and get on with running Tesla and SpaceX,” he wrote. “You are destroying your credibility. It’s just not a good look.”

“Hot take: not everything AOC says is 100 accurate,” Musk responded.

The actor also retweeted AOC’s tweet last week in which she criticized the $8 a month subscription plan, saying it’s bad for advertising.

“As we are the products of Twitter, those blue checks make advertisers feel more comfortable putting their brands next to those verified accounts,” he wrote Friday. “Without those verified accounts, bye bye ad buys. This thing doesn’t run without advertising.”

After criticizing the subscription plan Friday, Ruffalo tagged Musk in a retweet of an article on the climate crisis minutes later asking him to focus on “what really matters.”

“As the richest man in the world and owner of this platform, use your power and privilege to address this REAL threat,” he wrote. “I remember when this was paramount to you. Elon, come back to your original purpose.”

“This isn’t the time for pettiness but greatness. Use your gifts & this platform for good information, not misinformation & cruelty,” the actor tweeted.

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