Movies use prop weapons and ammunition to make films more realistic while also ensuring that actors and the crew are safe. However, even prop weapons can lead to tragedy, and this was exactly the case for Alec Baldwin, whose prop gun was discharged on a New Mexico film set on Oct. 21, 2021, at around 1:50 p.m. local time, as reported by the BBC.

As a result, the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, was fatally wounded while working as the director of photography on the set of the 19th century Western “Rust.” The 42-year-old cinematographer was flown to the hospital via helicopter but ultimately died of her injuries. The film’s director, Joel Souza, was also injured and transported to the hospital from the scene at the Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Baldwin, a co-producer of “Rust,” plays the main character: an outlaw with a 13-year-old grandson who was convicted of manslaughter. However, Baldwin has other experience in the entertainment field, as he has starred in a variety of TV shows and films since the 1980s, including “Will & Grace,” “A Star is Born,” “The Departed” and “The Getaway.”

It has since been a few months since the tragic event took place, and many friends, family members, and other loved ones who were impacted by this have continued to grieve. Baldwin has since spoken out a few times about what happened on set that day and went to Instagram in February 2022 to share a very sad confession, saying that the only people he now has are his wife and children.

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The events that took place while filming “Rust” are still very much in the hearts of those impacted. Hutchins was from Ukraine, and according to her personal website, she grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle. She studied journalism in Kyiv and eventually went on to study film in Los Angeles. The American Cinematographer magazine called Hutchins a “rising star” in 2019. She was also the director of photography for the 2020 action film titled “Archenemy.”

In his first official interview since the tragedy, Baldwin spoke to ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos on Dec. 2, 2021, fighting back tears as he remembered Hutchins and speaking to the details of the fatal incident, explaining how it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

According to Yahoo News, Baldwin said:

“…I think back and I think of what could I have done. I would go to any lengths to undo what happened. I would go to any lengths to undo what happened.”

According to CNN’s legal analyst Paul Callan, Baldwin was told that the prop gun was safe – the assistant director David Halls yelled “cold gun” on set – but in reality, it was loaded with live ammunition. “There’s only one question to be resolved, and that’s where did the live round come from?” Baldwin said.

The actor also paid tribute to Hutchins. “(Hutchins) was someone who was loved by everyone who worked with (her) and liked by everyone who worked with (her), and admired,” he said, adding that her death “doesn’t feel real to me.” Baldwin also stated that he didn’t pull the trigger onset, as per NPR.

His Emotional Speech

In an emotional Instagram post from Feb. 4, 2022, Baldwin confessed just how sad he’s been since the tragedy that took place while filming “Rust.” He posted a video with the caption:

“Settling into my least favorite place… an airport. Getting ready to do my least favorite thing… travel alone. I have only one purpose in this life. And I count the minutes until I get back to it.” He then proceeded to list out his wife and children’s names, telling them how much he loves them, clearly expressing his gratitude for their support during such a difficult time.

In the video, Baldwin admitted that hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and looked tired and distraught as he spoke. “I am at the airport and I am about to go on a trip to go do a little job and I am, as I often am, miserable,” he said. “I’m very sad whenever I leave my family.”

The actor has six children with his wife Hilaria and shares one with his ex-wife Kim Bassinger. Baldwin continued:

“I don’t have anything else in my life. I really don’t have anything else in my life that matters to me on that scale, and I really mean that. I’m not asking anyone to pin any medals on me, but I just haven’t done anything else in my life that even remotely means anything to me.”

He added, “They pull me into a world I never dreamed I would be a part of… it’s unbelievable. I have a good partner. Hug your kids and love your kids and make every day count.”


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