While it is doubtful that Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow will appear in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, spectators might take solace in the fact that Ted Elliott, the original Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter, will pen the sequel. It does not seem that Johnny Depp will reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the long-delayed sequel Pirates of the Caribbean 6 as of August 2022. The much-delayed series entry will still have the feel of a classic Pirates of the Caribbean film, according to the sequel’s scriptwriter.

Only a few months after admitting that two independent sixth Pirates of the Caribbean films were being worked on concurrently and none was finished, legendary blockbuster producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that the sequel is occurring. It’s unclear what will happen with Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff, but it is known that a straight sequel named Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is in the works. Another encouraging news for the series is that one of the screenwriters from the original film is writing the screenplay.

Ted Elliott, who co-wrote the first two Pirates of the Caribbean films, is presently working on the sixth instalment. According to Bruckheimer, Elliott will bring to the project “excellent mastery of the characters.” Elliott’s resume may debunk the assumption that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 won’t be able to reproduce the spirit of the previous films in the franchise, despite the fact that Depp’s Jack Sparrow’s absence may leave some fans with that impression. Elliott contributed to some of the greatest blockbusters of the 1990s and 2000s in addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Ted Elliott, one of the most prolific blockbuster screenwriters of the twenty-first century, contributed to all five of the original Pirates of the Caribbean films, the National Treasure series, both Zorro films, and Shrek. Although his career did contain some duds like Treasure Planet and The Lone Ranger, even these commercially unsuccessful ventures were eventually considered as underappreciated by critics if not viewers.

He also has credits on the original, animated Aladdin and Joe Dante’s unappreciated Small Soldiers. With the majority of his films receiving positive reviews, if not outright accolades, Elliott’s career is one of the most spectacular blockbuster screenplay streaks in modern Hollywood history.

But it’s understandable that viewers won’t be persuaded of Pirates of the Caribbean 6’s promise. After all, Elliott participated in the scripting of the later, inferior sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean, which both reviewers and average moviegoers found to be disappointing. Additionally, Elliott co-wrote the original Pirates of the Caribbean with Terry Rossio, who hasn’t yet been named as one of the writers for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Therefore, the return of a key member of the franchise’s productive creative team in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 may not be enough to win over some dubious spectators. In spite of Depp’s expected absence, the likelihood that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 feels like a genuine Pirates of the Caribbean series entry has increased.

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