A couple’s alone time didn’t go as expected after hearing their six-year-old sobbing across the hallway.

Matt Underwood alerted his wife Jacyi that their daughter was crying because she ‘heard you screaming, and she wanted to make sure you were okay’ after intimacy.

Jacyi caught the moment on camera while lying in bed and Matt giggled, ‘I think you should go talk to her.’

The video posted on TikTok has since been viewed a staggering 46.3million times, and while many thought the situation was hilarious others expressed concern for the ‘traumatised’ daughter.

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Jacyi goes to check on her daughter in the next room and, while still recording, tiny sobs can be heard in the dark room.

‘I heard you screaming and I wanted to know what’s wrong, but no one was answering me,’ the child said.

‘Aww our door was closed, I’m so sorry,’ Jayci replies.

Her daughter said she heard her mum ‘screaming like she was hurt or something’.

‘Oh, no, I’m not hurt. I’m sorry that I scared you. I thought you were so asleep,’ Jayci assures her.

Then her daughter unexpectedly says: ‘I also heard you ordering pizza.’

In the comments of the video, Jayci admitted the pair were ordering pizza.

More than 46,000 comments were made and thousands had some intense reactions to the clip.

‘Having sex when your children are home is weird – full stop,’ one wrote, another said: ‘Great job mum. Just put the TV on next time.’

‘Gotta create enough noise interference. Like a combination of white noise machine & fan in the kids room and a movie/music playing in yours. It helps,’ another said.

Others encouraged the couple to ‘hire a baby sitter’ or ‘get a hotel room’ for the night, and many attacked the parents for ‘traumatising’ their daughter.

‘Be careful with this, I have a lot of weird sexual trauma from hearing my parents have sex, it used to make me shake with fear,’ another wrote.

Others also shared their experiences of hearing their parents having sex.

‘At least she didn’t walk in on you. now that’s traumatic and I can still see it clear as day and it’s been 43 years,’ one said.

‘I used to ask my dad what was wrong with my mum and he said he was tickling her,’ another confessed.

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