Not everyone believes that Aaron Carter’s shocking November 2022 death was caused by an accidental overdose. In fact, his own mother, Jane Carter, is so sure there were outside forces at play that she decided to share some grim photos taken at the scene while issuing a public plea for an investigation.

Warning: These may be difficult to look at.

Jane posted the photos on Facebook.

The bereaved mother is begging for a new investigation to be opened into her son’s death and using photos taken from Aaron’s bathroom to point to inconsistencies in stories given by the housekeeper who found his body and some of the first responders on the scene.

“I want to share these death scene photos with you all because the coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose,” Jane wrote in her lengthy caption. “They never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his addiction past.”


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Aaron’s struggle with drugs and his mental health was well-known.
Jane, however, is not convinced that those issues are what led to his death. Her Facebook page is full of theories and questions and not-so-thinly veiled accusations against law enforcement.

“Look at the photos. They were not taken by the police,” she wrote of the graphic images, which include the discolored bathwater where his body sat decomposing and what appears to be feces and soiled clothing scattered around the bathroom floor.

The grief-stricken mother said Aaron had been receiving death threats for years.
In addition to complaining that the police didn’t do enough to secure the crime scene when they arrived, Jane said she believes her son’s death was written off because of his past. Now, she wants well-known legal analyst Nancy Grace on the case in the hopes that she will be able to uncover what really happened the night Aaron died.


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There certainly are a lot of unanswered questions about the former pop star’s death.
In another post, Jane asked why the towels surrounding the bathtub were so perfectly placed if her son’s housekeeper supposedly dragged him out of the tub to administer CPR. And then there’s the fact that no water was found in Aaron’s lungs, which rules out drowning as a cause of death.

Jane and the rest of the Carter family believe that all of this indicates there’s more to the story, and now they’re imploring someone to step up and look into it.

Jane’s family supported her decision to share the images.
It may be hard for some people to understand why Jane wants these gruesome photos out there, but she said everyone in her inner circle pushed her to do it.

“We want answers. We want justice. There are people who must be held accountable,” she wrote in her final post.

We have to admit that something isn’t adding up, especially knowing that shortly before his death Aaron had a tense text message exchange with someone who claimed the father of one owed him money. Hopefully Jane and the rest of her family get some answers soon.

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