A Twitter worker on leave to care for his son who’s battling cancer says he’s been let go

  • A Twitter engineer manager was among those laid off in Elon Musk’s job cuts on Friday.
  • Hernan Alvarez Loaiciga received the news while on leave to care for his son battling cancer.
  • He wrote on LinkedIn that he was let down by “New Twitter” when he needed it the most.

The thousands of Twitter staff who have now lost their jobs include Hernan Alvarez Loaiciga, who has been on leave. The absence is not because he is on vacation, however: he’s been caring for his son who has cancer.

Loaiciga wrote on LinkedIn that “New Twitter” let him down “when I needed it the most: while on leave, taking care of my son who’s fighting his most important battle, against cancer.

“I’m sure we will get through all of this just like we’ve always done it because that’s who we are,” he added.

“Looking forward to the next opportunity, and most importantly, to getting medical insurance as soon as possible.”

The engineer manager who joined Twitter in January 2021, according to his LinkedIn profile, added: “Well, this is it. Fellow Tweeps, you’re the main reason I enjoyed my time here.”

Loaiciga isn’t the only one who has been laid off in difficult circumstances. A woman who is eight-months pregnant woman said she was locked out of her work laptop the night before the mass layoffs were due to be announced.

Twitter’s communication team, which has been heavily affected by the layoffs, didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Elon Musk, who acquired the social media platform on October 27, said on Friday he had “no choice” but to make cuts as he claimed that Twitter was losing $4 million a day. Thousands of employees have now been let go.


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