How much is considered too little to tip your server, driving them so mad that they make an angry TikTok about it?

According to TikToker Kristina Withers who says works as a server, she draws the line at customers who tip only 10% and called out one of her tables for doing just that.

Withers turned to TikTok to rant about her table, who tipped her 10% after she served them for 6 hours and she was likely not expecting the reaction she got from her fellow TikTokers who were definitely not on her side.

Withers began her video by saying, “ya’ll, I just had a table sit in my section for 6 HOURS! They got there before I even got to work. I got to work at 5:30.”

She explained in her video that the restaurant-goers had arrived way before her shift started and were first served by her co-worker, who had finished serving and cashing them out by the time Withers clocked in for her shift.

A few hours after they had been cashed out, at around 7 p.m., the guests came up to Wither’s and asked her, “who’s our server? Because we want to order some drinks and some dinner.”

“By this time, my co-worker is done for the night, so I’m like, ‘oh okay, I’ll just take your order since I’m closing. I’m going to be here,'” Withers explained in the video.

The couple ended up ordering a some drinks and tacos for dinner and they were done around 8 p.m.

“This is like 8 o’clock. We close at 10 p.m. Guess who the last mother f***ing table in the goddamn restaurant was?” Withers asked her audience in the video. “These two lovely mother f***ers, that’s who.”

“The best part though, the very best part…they didn’t even tip 20%,” a very annoyed Withers says to the camera. “They were my only table. Like I know, I was giving them great service. Probably over good service because, again, they were my only table.”

“So, if you’re going to go sit in a restaurant for six f***ing hours, there should be like a f***ing table fee. Like $5 a f***ing hour if you’re sitting there, not drinking and not buying anything,” she angrily says.

“It’s a f***ing joke, but at the same time, I’ve never been more happier to receive a f***ing 10% tip because that means they’re on their way out. See ya then f***ing later, b*tches.”

Most of the people in the comment section called Wither’s out for expecting a tip, let alone a higher amount for a tip and argued that there shouldn’t be an expectation placed on guests to tip their servers, despite their wage being adjusted for the expectation of tips.

One commenter wrote, “you’re lucky. They really didn’t have to tip. as I assumed they tipped the other girl first.”

Another person added, “this vid may leave clues as to reason as to why you were tipped what you were, and I always tip well.”

Another TikToker, who claimed having worked in the restaurant industry shared, “I worked as a GM [general manager] for 15 years. some restaurants have a time policy. At least they tipped. Kinda sick of servers demanding a certain %.”

“No offence, but I’m tired of being expected to tip like it’s owed. It has completely ruined the dining experience for me and the reason I don’t eat in anymore,” someone else commented.

A commenter pointed out, “If you didn’t have any other table, the restaurant maybe have been pretty empty… why should they rush then.”

Wither’s responded to the comment by saying “they were my only table at the END because they were the last table in the restaurant. I had a bigger section, still could have turned their table 3-4 times.”


It seems like people are not having it with the server’s expectation to be paid a minimum of 20% tip for her service.

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