Some of Texas’ northern cities have statistically been proven to be an area full of people willing to be unfaithful to their significant others. In fact, the DFW metroplex is actually the worst place in the United States for remaining monogamous, and a recent TikTok video from a Hooters waitress might confirm it.

User Jodylynn Tavares (@jodylynntavares) works at a Hooters restaurant in downtown Dallas, TX and she recently took to the app to call out a man that discreetly gave the server his phone number while simultaneously dining with a woman.

The situation is going viral and the clip already has more than 1.6 million views. In the video, the woman describes how the patron “pulled off” writing his phone number on an unopened wet napkin package and handed it to her while tipping.

In the post, which was shared on Monday, Tavares gives a heads-up to the female companion she recently served at the restaurant after the couple attended a Dallas Stars hockey game.

The user says that when it came time to pay out, the subject in question handed her a cash tip with his digits stealthily nestled in between the bills.

Tavares called the action “shady as f***” because they didn’t appear to be mother and son. However, she later mentioned in the comment section that he claims the woman was his sister.

Many of the commenters aren’t buying that excuse and are wanting proof from the actual sister.

Other users are praising the employee for exposing the man, echoing comments like “WE LOVE A GIRLS GIRL💅🏼” and “I wish all girls knew the code like this. Omg”

Some have even gone as far as to figure out the entire phone number, and claim to have found the identity of the people involved in the situation.

Narcity reached out to Tavares regarding more details and will update this article when we receive a response.



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