9 Red Flags Your Partner Isn’t Truly In Love With You

You are never really going to be able to make a relationship work unless both you and your partner are genuinely invested in it. At the base of your relationship, you have to be able to love one another. And then from your love, you have to be able to build on your compatibility as a couple.

You have to work on your chemistry, passion, intimacy, affection, communication, and whatnot. However, none of these things are ever really going to matter unless you love one another.

That’s why you should always consider it to be a real red flag if you have a partner whose feelings of love for you might not be as practical or as authentic as you initially thought.  You never want to end up investing yourself in a relationship with someone who doesn’t genuinely love you after all.

This is why you always want to stay wary and vigilant of the red flags that might be there between the two of you. If you notice the following red flags in your relationship, then, likely, your partner isn’t really in love with you after all.

1. They make you feel like you have to be someone else.

They never make you feel like you can be okay with who you are. Somehow, there is always something to criticize. Anyhow, there is still something to make fun of. They don’t try to make you feel like you can be your real and genuine self. They never really give you a sense that they love you for who you indeed are.

2. They don’t treat you with respect.

Respect isn’t something that comes naturally to your partner whenever the two of you interact. It’s as if they don’t care about you or your dignity. They say mean things to you to put you down. They take advantage of your time and your patience. They make you for granted. They use you as a commodity more than as an actual human being.

3. They don’t prioritize you.

They don’t try to prioritize you in everyday life. They don’t make it a point to make you feel like you are one of the most influential people to them at all. It’s almost as if you always have to come second to something else. It’s either they’re going to prioritize their friends, job, or even family over you every single time.

4. They don’t apologize for when they screw up.

They aren’t perfect in the relationship, but they would never admit it. They would never willingly own up to their mistakes and their shortcomings. It’s as if they won’t allow their pride to be let go in favor of the relationship. They don’t try to apologize to you whenever they screw up at all. They’re just okay with disappointing you and making you feel bad.

5. They don’t talk about the future with you.

They don’t show any initiative to discuss the future with you. It’s almost as if they don’t see a future where the two of you are even still together. They’re always just coasting along and doing their own thing. They don’t concern themselves with where the relationship is going because it seems like they’re not all that invested in it.

6. They don’t show a willingness to compromise.

Compromise is always going to be an essential factor in determining the longevity and success of a relationship. If your partner doesn’t show a willingness to compromise, it’s probably because they are still selfish and they don’t love you enough to give up their desires and selfish needs. Perhaps it’s because they don’t like you for real.

7. They don’t express an interest in your life.

They don’t try to express any sincere interest in your life at all. They don’t ask you much about the stuff that you might be dealing with at work. They don’t ask you about the things that you’re most passionate about. They don’t try to participate in your favorite hobbies. They seem entirely aloof about your life and your personality.

8. They don’t open up to you deeply.

They don’t try to open up to you in an intimate capacity. It’s as if they’re completely okay with just keeping you at a distance. They don’t want to open up to you and make it seem like they are comfortable with doing so. You always have to force information out of them. They never really make you feel like they trust you enough.

9. They don’t stay mindful of your needs.

And lastly, they don’t stay mindful of your needs. They’re always just going along doing their own thing and making themselves happy. But your happiness never seems to be taken into consideration at all.