We were always taught to respect our elders.

We were always taught to respect our elders.This is one of the first lessons our parents reminded us of when we were kids.

We were told not to raise our voices or talk back disrespectfully; to always treat them with love, understanding, and kindness.

Some may think that this generation has lost that in them.

While some teenagers (or older) show a rowdier and more insensitive attitude towards the elderly, it should not be generalized.

There are more young ones out there that still have a good heart, and this gives me so much hope.

Barbara Kimbro could attest to that.

The 88-year-old from Columbus, Georgia, was visiting a friend and noticed that her gas was almost out of gas.

She stopped by the nearest gas station to fill her tank up.

After pumping her gas, she went inside to get a receipt since she wasn’t given one.

She risked this one time to go without her walker.

Regret instantly sank in when she lost her balance and almost fell.

Thankfully, someone was by the door, which caught her in time.

Otherwise, Barbara would have braced herself for the worst.

I could say his fast reflexes and attentiveness saved her life.

JaQuan Sanks was holding the door for Barbara, so he was close to catching her.

The 27-year-old happened to be at the right place at the right time.His reflexes immediately reacted to the situation and caught her before she hit the ground.

Barbara was so thankful for her young hero.

“He literally saved my life. I just felt like it was a God moment because he couldn’t have waited another second; if he had, I was on the way down,” Barbara told NBC 15.

The thankful lady brought her hero a full tank of gas to show her gratitude.

Barbara felt that wasn’t enough because what JaQuan did meant life and death for her.

She was grateful to be still alive, and she owed it to him.

She posted this incident on Facebook, which JaQuan also shared.

The now-deleted posts combined for more than 30,000 views.

Barbara and JaQuan reunited when the young man visited her in the nursing home.

He brought her a bouquet and a matching shirt they could wear.

All the nursing home residents were there to greet him and honor his heroics.

But JaQuan was there to thank Barbara, too.

After that post went viral, his life changed for the better.
“I’m just appreciative of just being able to be a part of her life and her being a part of mine because my life has definitely changed within a day,” he said.

Since then, the two have had a beautiful friendship, not forgetting how they are both thankful for each other.

JaQuan’s instincts to look after any elderly around him and ensure their safety is something we hope others emulate.

Watch their beautiful and emotional reunion in the video below, and share this with someone who might need a little inspiration today.

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