On Thursday, a seven-year-old boy named Troy Khoeler went missing for over two hours in the city of Spring, Texas, while in the care of his foster parents. According to reports, his parents filed a missing person’s report with the police, Lieutenant Robert Minchew of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, around 5:20 am. Shortly after the parents participated in an interview with law enforcement, investigators began to search their home thoroughly. At some point during the inspection, the police examined the area outside of the family home, which led to a shocking discovery. Troy’s dead corpse was inside of the top-loading section of a washing machine located in the garage. This prompted an immediate investigation into the child’s parents, who were both detained, as the homicide unit ascended upon the scene shortly after that. Initially, it was reported that Troy and his parents were the only ones home during the time of Troy’s passing, but in a recent interview with KHOU 11 News Houston, the father clarified that notion by stating that he noticed that his son was missing when he got home and that his front door had been unlocked by someone other than himself.

“I put my key in the door, and the door opened, but anything else after that…I don’t know.”

Troy’s parents were eventually released from police custody as no arrests were made, but they are expected to be summoned back to the police station for more questions in the coming days. When the video clip of this interview was posted on Twitter, several people in the comment section began to speculate that foul play might be a factor, but police have not made that indication just yet. It is also important to note that some washing machines lock once the lids shut from the outside. So if a child climed in and closed the lid, they could potentially be locked in.

“We don’t know what happened, but we intend to find out,” Lieutenant Minchew said.

So far, no arrests have been made regarding this tragic incident. The investigation remains ongoing.

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