The most beautiful thing about talent is the fact that you never know where and when it may pop up. Sometimes when you least expect it, you get blown away by an unassuming star that radiates talent. When this young girl sings “Hallelujah” at her church, she leaves viewers stunned and her sweet rendition goes viral.

I have no idea how she sings this good at such a young age, but it’s amazing!

First-grader, Veronica, is only 7-years-old when she sings this outstanding cover at her church.

At the beginning of the video, you can see Veronica playing with the flowers on stage like a regular 7-year-old. What she does next, is far from typical. Suddenly, she starts to sing “Hallelujah” and her voice is very good especially for her young age.

Guitar player and church member, Ben Bross, is sitting beside Veronica playing the chords of the famous song. The voice of an angel permeates into the church, as she effortlessly delivers a sweet and memorable performance.

Far beyond her years, the talented little girl surprises everyone with her vocals.

Veronica is still in her school uniform, with messy hair as if she just came in from recess. The last thing you expect is for the 7-year-old to start show-casing this kind of singing abilities.

Every note seems better than the next, throughout the whole video she continues to amaze. It really makes you wonder how a first grader can be so talented?

Halfway through the song, the singing powerhouse shows us just how powerful her voice can be.

At 1:45 in the video, Veronica takes her voice to a new level. The 7-year-old hits note that even most adult singers can’t hit, her control also is great considering her age.

No wonder the video instantly went viral on YouTube. Guitar player, Ben Bross, posted it to his page and it amassed millions of views.

Nearly 3 million (and counting) have watched the talented first grader nail the classic song.

On top of the millions of views, the video got 90k likes and over 7k comments. People from all around the world were impressed with the young girls’ vocals.

“She owns that platform from her itchy nose to her tenny pumps, that voice straight from heaven, and that tiny Thumbs Up. A D O R A B L E. Gentleman on guitar, you are amazing with your caring and loving nature.”

“Gosh, I wept while listening to her beautiful voice. Tears running down my face. What a wondrous Talent. She needs to come to “Americas Got Talent Show in NYC for an audition. She will be picked up. Definitely. Thank you for sharing.” Said another person on YouTube.

At the end of the video, Veronica adorably walks up to the camera and asks: “Does this thing only record music?”

After delivering the jaw-dropping cover of “Hallelujah,” Veronica gives Ben a thumbs up and then asks the hysterical question! Her voice is truly profound, it’s not every day you come across talent like this.

It’s hard to comprehend how that voice comes from a first-grader. To see the brilliant 7-year-old for yourself,watch the video below!

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