Men and women are different. We can fight it all we want but it’s true. There are some things women are naturally better at and some things men are better at. We crossover all of the time, but these photos will remind you why you love being who you are.

1) Guess Who Lives Here?


This is what a single man’s room often looks like. All of his stuff is in the livingroom and this is where he sleeps. It brings a whole new meaning to the word “bedroom” because all that’s in it is a bed.

2) The Beginning Of The End


Long hair isn’t all that common on men. That’s why it’s primarily women that relate to this photo. It’s always a tragedy when the outside layer of your ponytail holders wear out. If this happened to men, they’d probably stock up a lot more.

3) She’s Working Hard


Men were born for physical labor, according to science. But women can get so much more done in their minds. This woman is working on her novel. Of course, her husband isn’t buying it, but she claims this is hard work.

4) Men Taking Cat Photos

If a woman takes a cat photo, the eyes will be bright and it will be adorable. Men see it differently. This dude made legs for his cat and calls his cat Marzipan, in all his glory. Yeah, those are pretty nice legs.

5) The Only Tree He Needs


Instead of using his saw to cut down a tree, he made a tree out of them. He even cut out a star, though it is upside down. I’m telling you, there aren’t very many single men that dress their tree to the nines.

6) That Inevitable Gap


Unless you have a flat booty, you are going to have a gap like this with most jeans. Men don’t have to deal with this. Men’s clothing is easier to buy in general. Most of the time, they don’t even try them on before buying.

7) When Men Are Bored


When women are bored, they’ll probably get something done. But when men are bored, they find something like this to do. The whole deep-fried Gundam thing was all the rage not long ago and men everywhere were on board.

8) You Stain It, You Don’t Buy It


There aren’t very many ways that a man can stain clothing that he is trying on. But many women can have their whole face come off on the clothing. Of course, that’s when they decide not to buy the blouse, ironically.

9) How Does She Know?


This wife organized these computer cords while her husband was gone and now has them all coded. For some reason, men prefer trial and error if they don’t already know what everything does.

10) Why Women Live Longer


Men are 100% more dangerous than women. This is not something you’d see a group of women doing because if one of them suggested it, the others would talk her out of it. But men are always there to support each other when a bad idea is put forth

11) He Promised He’d Fix It


This is what this dude considered “fixing” the doorhandle. Not every man is a repairman but this one happened to be an engineer. Men like to come up with unique, easy fixes for the problems in their lives.

12) Or Create A Strange Contraption


This husband thought that he knew the perfect way to make a toilet paper holder. But it’s not as easy to change as he thought. The easy way out for a woman is buying a cheap toilet paper holder on Amazon.

13) If You Know What This Is


Most men have no idea what this metal thing is when they look at this picture, whereas most women know in an instant. For those still wondering, it’s underwire to a bra. You’re welcome.

14) She Always Has Two Sides


All women have two sides. They have the side where they try to be graceful and the one where they are nothing but silly. We all have one we lean towards but with men, it seems like they are forced to choose one or the other.

15) Stuck In An Elevator


The elevator selfie looks different for all of us. But in general, it’s a typical selfie for a woman. For a man, he prefers to think outside the box when it comes to selfies. Thus, the endless mirrro effect.

16) When There’s A Sale


Women are known for loving a good sale. But when it comes to everyday items, men tend to go a little overboard trying to be thrifty. This husband went to the store for one tub of ice cream and came back with this.

17) The Dad Puns Begin


Men love puns. Women like them too, but more often than not, men reign supreme. When a woman makes a gingerbread house, you better believe that it will have a picket fence. When a man makes one, this is more likely.

18) Women Are Better Crossdressers


For some reason, a man dressed as a woman usually looks like a man dressed as a woman. But when a woman dresses as a man, she usually looks like a good-looking man. It’s a gift and a curse, really.

19) Cat Of The Month


This wife awarded her cat the Cat of the Month award every month one year. But she only has one cat. I mean, men are devoted to their pets too, but there’s a lot more love than action going on.

20) The Ability To Make Fun


Men have this ability to make fun of their loved ones in a loving way. It can come across as demeaning whether it’s men or women doing it, but men do it so much more often than women that the statistics are unclear.

21) You Don’t Usually Want To Know


When you find half-eaten food in the bathroom, you just pick it up with a paper towel and forget about it. Men like to eat in the bathroom. It’s weird and it often repulses women but they have their reasons.

22) The Bump


I’m not talking about the baby bump, I’m talking about the hair bump. The only way to get rid of it is to take a shower. Do men with long hair even get a hair bump or are they all gifted with manageable hair?

23) The Vacation Photo


When women take a vacation photo, they mean it. When men take a vacation photo, it’s all for laughs. It can be rough to be so serious about photography all of the time, but somebody has to do it.

24) Science Backs This


A lot of guys try to argue with the facts, but you really can’t argue with science and be right. Men have an easier time losing weight than women. It’s the way things are. They can have the exact same regimen and diet, but the man will almost always lose more.

25) They Never Grow Up


Face it, men have a harder time growing up than women. Ask any man if he would play with toys in the bathtub and he couldn’t honestly say no. Women are different, unless of course you have a mermaid Barbie.

26) They’ll Practice On Anything


Women don’t need “practice babies” to learn how to do stuff. They will use whatever they have and they won’t cease until they have perfected everything, including the swaddle. It doesn’t matter how sick the dog is of it.

27) Men Vs. Women Babysitting


If a woman is babysitting, you can almost guarantee that everything will be done like you do it. But men get bored and like to use the child for their own entertainment. Which makes for some great pictures and memories

28) Something Went Wrong


If I saw this many blacktipped qtips in a man’s bathroom, I would worry. But when they belong to a woman, you know that someone was just having trouble with their eyeliner. Or something horrible happened.

29) When You Don’t Like To Shop


Men are okay with using just about anything for anything. Women want a toothbrush holder for their toothbrush. But men prefer to improvise, even if it means letting fruit rot in the bathroom.

30) Playing With The Cat


Men can be a lot more creative in the games they play with the cat and dog. Women generally keep it simple, but men tend to go to great lengths. Which includes singing, “Spider Cat” while letting the cat walk on the ceiling.

31) Who Believes In Magic?


Women are more likely to believe in fairies, elves, and magic than men. Many will say that men are more practical and realistic, but maybe women just need a little hope that there is something more out there.

32) Someone Can Multi-task


Women were meant to bear children. Not every woman is a mother, but every woman could be. That’s why we were given the ability to mult-task while most men and their spaghetti brains are better at focusing.

33) That’s Not A Shelf


If a woman finds a hole in the wall, she fixes it. If a man finds a hole in the wall, he considers in additional storage. That’s what happened here. He found a hole and decided it was the perfect cubby.

34) Going To Sleep In The Middle Of The Day


Men can fall asleep anywhere and the worst that happens is they get bedhead. But women aren’t that lucky unless they don’t wear makeup. If you fall asleep without taking your makeup off, you just might end up with an extra face.

35) The Ability To Look Like An Old Lady


You don’t see little boys that look like old men very often. They act like it, but they still look boyish. But little girls can often be found looking like their great aunt Linda from the start. It’s a gift, yet a curse.

36) Women Just Do It


For some reason, men want to be the hero. If they do something amazing, the whole world will know it. Women tend to downplay the little victories that they have. The reason for this is unknown.

37) The Pain Of Long Hair


Everyone with long hair has experienced this at least once in their life. But since more women have long hair than men, it’s safe to say that this is more of a female problem than a neutral problem. Men can just get in the car without a thought.

38) The Chemo Transition


Most men that get cancer will shave their head or leave it be when they start losing their hair. But women are losing much more than their hair when it happens to them. Being bald isn’t trendy for women so they have to improvise.

39) The Dressing Room


It’s not a surprise that women’s dressing rooms are used more often than men’s. That’s why this little chair is sitting by the women’s dressing room. When a man goes shopping, it’s usually to help out his wife.

40) She Can Do Anything In Heels


Not every woman has this skill but more women do than men. It’s hard not to applaud the woman that can do everything in heels, although you also want to tell her to kick her shoes off and relax as well.

41) Why Not Put Your Glasses On Your Head?


Another problem with long hair is that your glasses get stuck in it. Especially when your hair is wet. The same goes for headbands and anything else you try to put on your head. Long hair can be such a pain sometimes. I’d like to know what it felt like to not worry about that.

42) She’s Always Worrying


Men and women pack very differently. Men pack only the necessities and think of nothing else. While women plan ahead of time and have a million other things on their mind. Never underestimate the packing list.

43) How To Rake The Yard


This Pikachu is absolutely adorable but it’s not a good representation of raking the yard. Is it just me or do men tend to get sidetracked more often when doing a job? We’re all guilty of playing with our Tamagatchi when cleaning but there is a line.

44) When You Can’t Open The Jar


Some women are stronger than men, okay? It’s true. But it’s also true that men are generally physically stronger than women. So if a woman wants something done that she physically cannot do, she has to find another way

45) The Blisters Are Real


Sure, men get blisters too, but how often is that? New shoes give you blisters worse than old ones and women are known for wearing a variety of shoes. So, if you see her with blisters and flip flops, you’ll know what happened.

46) He Thinks It’s Good Parenting

Taking your kid for a stroll in the snow for an extended period of time isn’t always the best idea. But for a dad, entertaining the kid is usually their number one priority. And this dad make a pretty cool “crop circle” with his free time.


47) He’ll Go To Great Lengths For Her Selfie


Some women help their men out with their selfies, but usually, we see men doing the impossible for her to get a good shot. Remember the staged vacation pictures that were going around? Women love taking pictures.

48) He Has His Own Way Of Organizing


Women usually have a specific place for everything while men usually know where everything is, despite it looking disorganized. This is a great example of how men think. If they know where the paper clip is then why pick it up?

49) The Female Prank


Women can get pretty out of hand with her pranks but it’s usually because the man started it. This is the typical female prank that she plays on her husband and in a perfect world, this is as far as it would go.

50) Nothing Wrong With This


Men actually see nothing wrong with living without furniture while women balk at the idea of it. A home should feel warm and welcoming, right? Men don’t always feel this way and tend to live with the least that they can get by with.

51) When She Likes To Nap


Is napping genetic? Because this is three generations of women who love to nap. If you think about it, women are obsessed with napping while men usually just nap when they are bored or they don’t want to work.

52) Women See More Colors


Women aren’t pickier than men, it’s just been proven that women have a bigger range in the colors that they see. While men may look like they don’t care if the couch is plum or maroon, it’s simply that they only see purple.

53) How To Faceswap

As a whole, I have to say that men are better at faceswap than women. Women usually go with a boring dog or friend swap. But men get creative and faceswap their tattoos, cash, and the Mona Lisa.

54) Men Have Weird Bathrooms

If a woman has a hair brush, it’s for her hair. But men pride themselves in innovative in the strangest ways. In this case, it’s attaching a brush to a plunger for a multi-tool. Although toilet bowl brushes aren’t that expensive

55) Her Secret Stash

Women love chocolate. Men like chocolate too, but did you know most women have a secret chocolate stash? It’s true. They might not tell you but if you look hard enough, you’ll find candy in her house.

56) Who Needs Snapchat?

Women are obsessed with photo filters. But men seem to prefer to make their own. Who needs a flower crown when you can be a flower? I mean, those sunglasses do look pretty rad on him.

57) Just Buy Yourself Lunch

Women are much more likely to pack a thoughtful lunch for their husband than men are for their wife. However, men are more likely to forfeit the cash for her to buy her own lunch. I guess they can both be blessings.

58) The Ideal Body Type

How often do you see attractive male characters with unattractive female characters unless that is the entire plot of the movie? The body standards for women are ridiculous, and thankfully, the world, men included, are trying to change that.

59) Men Hate Throwing Stuff Away

Women love to jump on board the minimalist wagon. But men usually see no point in throwing away something that is perfectly good, even if they will never use it again. Or at least, not for the original purpose. Yes, that’s a sandal.

60) His Wife Gets Nervous

Women are much more likely to have anxiety than men. That anxiety doesn’t end at the driver’s seat. This wife gets so nervous when she drives that she rubbed the rubber right off of the steering wheel.


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