As most people know, parenting is much more than just feeding and housing your kid. Your job is to raise a child that ends up being a decent human being. In the process, there are times when lessons have to be learned.

One mother had to teach a hard lesson to her daughter. She shared the results over social media. According to Haley Hassell’s social media post, she had traveled to three different stores to find a LOL pencil case for her daughter, Presleigh.

She wanted to surprise her with it. Instead of getting a happy little girl reaction, she instead saw Presleigh throw it in the trash and slam the bedroom door. The girl wasn’t happy because, according to what the girl yelled, everyone in her class had them and it’s stupid.

Momma wasn’t impressed. In fact, she was upset. As a single parent, she works quite hard to give her daughter what she needs and, when possible, what she wants. But, the worst part, as she had taught Presleigh to be grateful for what she got. The fact the girl threw the pencil case in the trashcan and stormed off got Haley angry.

Haley decided that her daughter needed a hard lesson. Instead of the pencil box she trashed, she got a Ziploc bag instead. Easy, simple, and not the one her daughter didn’t like. Well, Presleigh wasn’t happy about the baggie either. In fact, all of a sudden, the LOL pencil box was just fine with her. But, it was too late. Momma wasn’t budging.

Haley made her daughter get the pencil box out of the trash. They will be donating the box to a child whose parents can’t afford to buy special school supplies. Haley explained to Presleigh that she is taking things too much for granted. “She’s not entitled to anything special and she is taking for granted how lucky she is,” Haley wrote.

“So, for now, she will be using a Ziploc bag and will personally be delivering the nice box to a child that could benefit from it. A lot of mothers agree with her actions. They think Presleigh will turn out for the better due to the lesson.

However, some have a problem with her sharing the video of what happened with the world. The lesson she received is a good one, they say. But, blasting it over Facebook was not. They think it should have been handled in private.

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