It’s often during the holiday season that we remember that we should prioritize our family and friends, instead of furiously running the rat race, lured by the prospect of getting more cheese (literal or metaphorical, you choose).

But the blunt truth is that 2022 has been one of the worst years in recent memory. And many people are celebrating the holidays under the shadow of war, illness, and poverty. It’s difficult times like these that we need something to hold on to more than ever—a reminder that there is hope and love and goodness out there in the world.

Our team here at Bored Panda has collected this list of the most uplifting and heartwarming Christmas posts to remind you that kindness is all around us. Scroll down and prepare to have your faith in humanity restored!

We got in touch with British comedy writer Ariane Sherine, the author of ‘The How of Happy,’ for a chat about prioritizing our loved ones, the importance of giving them our undivided attention, and learning how to be kind. You’ll find our full interview with her below, dear Pandas.

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#1 This Man Pulled 8 People Out Of A Burning Bus On Christmas Eve

#2 The Amazon Driver Who Delivered My Package At 6 PM On Christmas Eve

#3 What An Incredible Christmas Miracle

For us, Christmas is about giving our loved ones the affection and attention that they deserve. Human beings are very social creatures, and acts of kindness are our bread and butter: it’s the glue that holds us all together. Without altruism and self-sacrifice, there would be no civilization as we know it. And without gifts to show how much we care, it would be far harder to build trust.

Bored Panda reached out to writer and happiness expert Ariane for her opinion on how to focus on what truly matters in life. We were interested to get her take on how we can remember to show how much we love our nearest and dearest throughout the year, and not just when Christmas rolls around.

“It’s difficult as life often gets in the way. But I try to do something nice for my daughter each week,” the author of ‘The How of Happy’ opened up to Bored Panda. Some of the small, kind things she does is buy her daughter her fave chocolate and leave her a nice message on their message boards.

#4 Kiwi Is Cancer And Cone Free For Christmas

#5 My First Boyfriend And Our First Christmas Tree

#6 Our Star This Year

It’s the intent and emotions behind the gift rather than the physical gift itself that’s important.

“It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift or gesture—something as small as a kindly note can lift their spirits. Also, pay attention to what they say and do and ask them about it. ‘How did the concert go?’ or, ‘Is your aunt feeling better now?’ shows that you care and listen to what they say,” Ariane said that our time and attention are invaluable. They’re what matters, not the price tag or the wrapping paper.

#7 Me Dying Of Cancer Over The Spring vs. Me Happy And Healthy Spending Christmas With My Beautiful Family

#8 My Wife And I Don’t Have Kids Yet, So We Take Our Dog Out To Look At The Christmas Lights. He Absolutely Loves It

#9 In New Zealand, The Police Are Offering Free Gift Wrapping For Christmas This Year

We also wanted to understand why people give out gifts at all. Writer Ariane was kind enough to illuminate this for us.

“It’s a physical demonstration of our love and shows that we care about them. But again, gifts don’t have to be expensive—you can give the gift of time and effort instead,” she told Bored Panda.

#10 I Was Orphaned Early This Year. My Teacher Is Starting The Adoption Process, And Here’s An Ornament She Got For Our New Family

#11 My Wife Had To Leave For A Business Trip For Six Weeks, And I Remodeled Her Room As A Christmas Surprise. I Don’t Have Anyone Else To Share It With Until She Comes Back

#12 Merrymaking With The Family Merry Christmas From West Oakland To You And Your Family

“So you can make cards, a photo book, or fill a jar with scraps of paper containing happy memories or loving sentiments. Often these homemade gifts will mean more to the recipient than lavish presents,” she explained what we can do if we feel like we can’t come up with any original ideas for good gifts.

#13 Family Has An Outdoor Gathering For Christmas That I Can’t Join (I Have Covid). My Niece Really Doesn’t Want Me To Be Alone And Has Stayed By My Window For The Past 45min

#14 Bought A Machine For Christmas, Never Sewed Before So I’m Pleased With The Outcome

#15 Pure Joy

Finally, Bored Panda asked Ariane about how someone might start to learn how to be kind and charitable if they’re unsure of where to start.

“Like Ebenezer Scrooge? I think you need three ghosts to come and visit you on Christmas Eve!” she quipped, adding that it’s best to take small steps.

“Maybe start with cards, then graduate to gifts and gestures. But one of the greatest gifts you can give is truly listening to people. Just giving them your time,” the author of ‘The How of Happy,’ said.

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