Sometimes love isn’t reason enough to stay in a relationship. Here are five things that can push a woman past her breaking point.

He’s not present

According to marriage counselor, Justice Schanfarber, women sometimes leave their partners because they’re not there. They can be perfectly good men but they take their wives for granted.

He’s too selfish

They make sure their needs are taken care of without realizing that women have needs too. Once they realize that their men only please themselves, why would women stay in the relationship?

There’s no passion

Another point that Schanfarber makes is that the women aren’t feeling any passion with their men. This passion applies to other aspects, not just love making. Of course, they don’t want a quick, mindless bout in the sack either but they also want a lasting connection.

He’s emotionally unavailable

Women need some type of emotion to thrive off of from their partner. If they don’t see any sign of warm blood flowing in between those veins, they’ll eventually get tired of the man who can’t be moved, especially when discussing their future together.

He compares her to others

One of the biggest turn offs for women is when the men in their lives compare her to other women, especially his ex. They don’t want to live in his ex’s shadow or in the shadow of all of the other women he won’t stop comparing her to. This makes women feel unappreciated for who they are.


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