Many people use nontraditional methods to conceive children of their own — still, all of those methods involve two basic components: a sperm and an egg. But one woman recently shared on Reddit that her 26-year-old daughter is eschewing those components and is instead convinced she can will herself into becoming pregnant.

Her daughter came out as asexual.

“My daughter let’s just call her Tara(26f) identifies as an asexual and we are truly happy for her, and we have accepted Tara when she came out to us,” the mother began her post. “However, for the past three years she has been wanting to have a baby rather desperately however when I suggest that she goes to the sperm bank or have a male friend to be a donor she shuts it down and says she can be pregnant from the power of her mind.”

She’s using YouTube to help her conceive.

“She’s been listening to the binaural beats on conception, another youtube video that sends subliminal messages of manifesting pregnancy without intercourse,” the mom continued. “I keep trying to tell Tara that it’s just biological fact that she needs sperm to be pregnant and she insists this is me not believing in the power of her mind.”

But her mom can’t take it anymore.

“I told her to stop listening to these videos and that is never going to work and every time I bring it up, we end up in a shouting match and she leaves. She gives me the silent treatment for weeks until she starts talking to me again like nothing ever happened.”

Her husband thinks it’s OK.

“My husband tells me to leave Tara alone and let her listen to these videos as she is not hurting anyone by doing so and in time, he feels she’ll save up enough money for a sperm donor and have the baby she truly desires,” the mom explained. “He also believes that Tara is listening to these videos to hold out hope for a miracle to happen and that there is nothing wrong in believing in miracles.”

People are pretty concerned.

As one person wrote, if her daughter does get pregnant, it might be a disaster: “Does she even comprehend what pregnancy/labor/birth entails? I feel like she’s in for a terrifying time if she ever manages to get pregnant.”

They’re also concerned about the psychological fallout.

Another person added, “Phantom pregnancies are possible and if she believes it enough she could end up having all of the side effects and then as you say, ‘lose the baby’. She may push OP [the original poster] away because she thinks she’s right about being pregnant and then may not have support when her heart is broken.”


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