If we put our existence in numbers, an average person has roughly around 690,000 hours in a lifetime. And these hours fly by so fast that sometimes we do not fully perceive the changes happening around us — until we place old and new photos side-by-side.

Bright Side found 19 then-and-now pictures that could turn time from an abstract concept into something visually tangible. Maybe they’ll inspire you to pull out your own albums and appreciate how far you or your loved ones have come.

1. “Mom saved my sweater from 1989. Here’s my son wearing it 30 years later.”

2. “First and last days of my school life”

3. “My wife and her mom walking out of their respective weddings in the same dress, 25 years apart!”

4. “Fishing with my son for the first time 11 years ago, and fishing last weekend. The bush grew taller and so did he.”

5. “My grandma, mom, and I wearing the same kimono. Years 1958, 1979, and 2012.”

6. “My housemate just replaced his student ID from freshman year.”

7. “This is what 6 years of practice looks like — my art in 2015 vs 2021!”

8. “My 6-year-old Converse compared to brand new ones.”

9. “45 years later… my dad and his brothers.”

10. “Giving my boys a ride, and my boys giving me a ride.”

11. “Me in my elementary and high school prom pictures. A lot has changed.”

12. “They grow up so fast…”

13. “First pic was taken in 1993 before a school trip, and the second one is in 2022 when he came over from Canada to visit me.”

14. “New vs 21 years of wear and tear”

15. “Married my high school sweetheart. LEFT: Was on our prom day. RIGHT: 8 years later, on our wedding day at the same location.”

16. “Awkward then, awkward now! 30 years apart.”

17. “15 years later, now with a commercial pilot’s license.”

18. “Happy Father’s Day. Even if the fish still ain’t biting.”

19. “20 years together since 8th grade!”


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