In 2008, a group of scientists did a study and proved that makeup is a kind of psychological mask that helps women promote the image of a confident and independent lady. Today, attitudes toward makeup have changed dramatically. In the past, women bought tons of decorative beauty products, but now, they prefer high-quality skin care. Of course, celebrities are no exception.

We decided to look through the social media posts of famous women who are not afraid to show fans their faces without any makeup.

Jennifer Garner
Heidi Klum
Cameron Diaz
Anya Taylor-Joy
Demi Moore
Lady Gaga
Bella Hadid
Claudia Schiffer
Jamie Lee Curtis
Drew Barrymore
Nicki Minaj
Jennifer Lopez
Gal Gadot
Christina Aguilera
Tyra Banks

Which of these women do you think deserves to be called “Miss Natural”?

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