From 1992-1999, Luis Garavito raped, tortured, and murdered anywhere from 100 to 400 boys between the ages of 6-16. He will be released in 2023 after serving three-fifths of his sentence, which was reduced to 22 years after he helped police find the victims’ bodies.

In 1999, Luis Garavito admitted to the rape, torture, and murder of 138 boys and teenagers, but the real number could exceed 300.

Who is Luis Garaito?

Luis Garavito targeted boys between the age of 6-16 as his victims, his victims were clearly identified by their age, gender, and social status. Garavito’s victims were either homeless, peasants, or orphans, he would approach the young boys, either on a busy street and then lure them by bribing them with small gifts such as candy, gifts, and part-time jobs.

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