It has become a common belief that women must shave their body hair to look more stunning, gentle, and delicate. But times have changed, and now many women are deciding to break gender-based stereotypes and embrace their natural beauty. Moreover, they are very proud of their decision and take it upon themselves to empower other women worldwide.

1. “You’ll find it easier to feel comfortable with your hair by making small actions little by little every day…it’s a journey.”
2. “I was out shopping today when a guy noticed my legs and paid me a compliment. It made my day.”
3. Sofia doesn’t let a razor touch her skin.
4. “Feelin’ myself.”
5. Julia Michaels at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards
6. “I don’t think I own a razor.”
7. Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, has always embraced her body hair.
8. Frida Kahlo in the 1930s
9. “We have razor-free legs and armpits, but what about razor-free faces and chests? Trying to embrace my hirsutism.”
10. Julia Roberts was one of the first celebrities to flash underarm hair on the red carpet in 1999.
11. “After running pictures!”
12. Amandla Stenberg wears a sleeveless black gown and doesn’t care about shaving or removing the hair under their arms.
13. “Flowers and sunshine”
14. “Over one year razor-free!”
15. “Society needs to accept that women have hair too.”

What do you think of women choosing not to shave their body hair? Would you stop using a razor?

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