Referring to herself as too hot to handle, this young woman has confidence oozing out of her from all directions. Moreover, She strongly feels that women are so insecure about her presence that they are scared to be around her now.

“I know I’m attractive so I honestly don’t mind the fact that I don’t have many or any gal pals. Women see me as a threat and they fear that I’ll steal their husbands. So if you actually look at it, I’m not really lonely,” She started to explain.

27-year-old Moriah Mills added how it’s so hard for her now to have female friendships. But now it’s become such norm for her that it’s turned into a reality that she needs to accept. In the same way, the onlyFans model spoke about how so many people question her curves and her breasts because they assume they’re all fake.

“My curves are real and so is everything else,” she boldly revealed. In the same way, she also spoke about how she plans on getting her breast reduction done soon too because she strongly feels that it’s and added distraction for her.

“People can’t look past my 34DDD chest and that’s not my fault,” She confirmed. “I have curvy and voluptuous figure and that behaves like red flag for other women who just don’t want to be near me,” she Explained.

Moriiah also recently shed light upon how so many of her female friends were integral part of her childhood but as she began growing up, they started to diminish in number. But if you think this uberly confident young woman minds, then you’re sadly mistaken.

What are your thoughts on Moriah and her body Confidence? Are women really jealous of her and afraid that she’ll steal their men? Let is know your thoughts in the comments section and Share with others.



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