Lately, natural has been in style. Women around the world have embraced their natural looks and ditched the razor, welcoming newfound confidence to be who they are in the body they were born in. A lot of people, especially influencers like Emily Ratajkowski, have begun showing confidence in their bodies and have embraced it rather than pushing it aside — and it’s truly something to be proud of!

1. “Just a gamer who doesn’t shave!”
2. “I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear this dress outside.”
3. “For the shy swimmers.”
4. “Made these sandals 16 years ago, always love when I can finally bring them out of my closet for Spring!”
5. “For a long time I was embarrassed to wear short sleeves on the street.”
6. “Chilling by the beach, watching the sunset.”
7. “Cotton candy!”
8. “Redid my dye job! I love the blonde. It’s like the best of both worlds. I get to keep my hair and feel super comfortable.”
9. “The hair naturally wicks away the sweat and works like charm.”
10. “Haven’t shaved for 6 months.”
11. “Spring outfits and fuzzy armpits.”
12. “I don’t shave my legs either.”
13. “Stopped shaving 5 years ago and I’m feeling hotter than ever.”
14. “I haven’t shaved anywhere for the past 2 years.”

Would you ever ditch the razor? Have these women inspired you?

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