The 13-feet long tiger shark responsible for the death of an Australian tourist at the popular beach in Noumea, New Caledonia, has been captured and killed. Chris Davis, 59, was swimming near a crowded pontoon, about 150 meters from shore, at the Chateau-Royal beach, south of Nouméa, on Sunday afternoon, February 19. This was when the predator attacked him, biting him several times all over his body, wounding him severely.

Since the 59-year-old man’s death and rising shark attacks, police and forensic investigators sought the assistance of shark experts who helped identify the predator given “the shape and extent of the bites” and attributed the attack to a tiger shark that was 13 feet in size. Following an intense three-day hunt, local authorities were able to successfully capture and slaughter the beast.

The father-of-three was swimming when the massive predator attacked him. Onlookers claimed the attack only lasted for 10 seconds leaving the Aussie lying in a pool of blood. After witnessing the horrifying ordeal, lifeguards on jet skis raced to bring him back to shore. Paramedics from Noumea city’s emergency services center “tried to pull the victim out, but the femoral artery was severed.” Despite desperate attempts to rescue Davis, and perform CPR for 40 minutes, he showed no signs of life and was pronounced dead.

Autopsy reports revealed that Davis never stood a chance. He had sustained grievous injuries, including a deep bite to his “major thigh, extending 37 centimeters from the hip to the knee, causing a deep lesion with the section of the femoral artery.” Authorities believe this “single bite could have caused the death of the Australian tourist” itself due to major blood loss. A second bite from the beast was located in the victim’s “upper limbs, the forearm, and the hands.”

Davis’ family said in a statement that they were “deeply mourning” the loss of the beloved husband and father. “Chris was a senior software programming consultant in the superannuation and funds management industry and a keen triathlete, having represented Australia several times in age group world championship events,” the statement said. The statement also forwarded its gratitude to the rescues and paramedics who tried to save Davis’ life.

Authorities believe the recent rise of shark attacks in the region can be atrributed to a restaurant where guests and staff throw food into the water off a “viewing platform” to feed fish, which often attracts sharks. Following the attack, there was an immediate evacuation order for the region. Noumea mayor Sonia Lagarde also ordered the beach to be closed until further notice.


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