Men are assumed to be strong and macho at all times. We believe that a man who shows the slightest of emotions is generally weak. Also, women prefer men who are strong and can protect them all the time. A man who fears or shows emotions openly is considered a sissy. We at Born Realist are totally against the fact of stereotyping and discriminating against gender roles. We believe there are still a few men who fear 90% of the time but are too scared to talk about it. Here is a list of 10 secret fears that men never talk about.

10. Their Body

Usually, it is the other way round, people think that women are conscious about their bodies. They are constantly trying to achieve the perfect figure. However, what most people do not know is that the percentage of men sweating out in the gym is greater than women.

Men worry about their bodies too, how else would you explain the rising fame of men’s fitness magazines. They might not be too vocal about their body but it is the only thing they are insecure about, all the time.

9. Money

The most common topic of conflict in a relationship is money. Men are assumed to be the natural bread maker of their families. They constantly fear not having enough money or that they need to have a certain amount of money to keep their girlfriends/wives happy.

Well, let me break this to you, boys if she is into your money more than you, then you need to leave the gold-digger right away. The right woman will stick by you through any situation.

8. Their Height

People assume an ideal man is presumably 6 inches tall. How can a man not worry about his height when the first thing woman notices is height. Most men fear their height but they are too scared to accept it.

7. Other Men

Ever wondered why your boyfriend is getting all cranky and jealous? There is a reason why his mood swings are taking a toll and that is because you can not stop talking about the wonderful Mike at work with a great sense of humor. It is normal for men to get jealous of other men too.

They just don’t show it as often as women do. The best way to handle the situation is to talk and ensure your boyfriend/husband that he really does not need to fear the other men.

6. Small Encounters in Relationships

Men are constantly worried about their relationships and the smallest things that make them. They may not show it but this is the thing they are always worried about. Just like women they need to make sure, everything turns out alright and everything is perfect.

5. Their Hair

Too much or too little? With new hair trends emerging every week, men are constantly struggling to maintain the perfect hairstyle to impress the ladies. Not just head hair, but most men are also worried about too much or too little body hair since according to ancient myth hair represents the manliness in a man.

4. Diet

Dieting is a common topic of discussion among women. You would rarely find a man talking about his diet to other men. That is because most men fear that talking about their diet and food schedules might make them sound feminine.

People need to understand that men care about their bodies too. They are really particular about the food they eat and the healthy diet they follow to maintain a good-looking physique.

3. Their Relationship With Their Other Half

Often people take men as insensitive and brutal in a relationship. However, the fact is that it takes a man more time to get over a breakup than a woman. Your boyfriend may not show it to you all the time, but he is equally worried about the relationship and you too.

2. Your Ex-Lovers

If a man knows that their girlfriend has a number of their ex, they automatically get insecure and feel like they have to compete to match his standards. It is important that you confide in him and ensure him his special place in your relationship.

1. Expressing Emotions

We often hear everyone telling boys from a very young age, not to cry and act like a man. This is us telling them to suck up their emotions and deal with them. These same boys when they grow up have a hard time expressing grief or their emotions.


They consider expressing their emotions as a sign of weakness. We as a society need to stop pressurizing men and allow them to openly express their feelings without humiliating them.

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